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Shannan Singletary ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day is here and that means romance is in the air. While some of us may choose to focus all our romantic attention on our own relationships, others of us prefer to devote that love to our favorite OTPs (One True Pairing). For anyone not familiar with the world of fandoms, OTP stands for “one true pairing,” that one couple (or let’s be honest, multiple couples), real or fictional, that you believe are absolutely perfect for each other. Whether your OTP is peanut butter and jelly or your mom and dad, you know that they’re meant to be. Here in the Web section of Emertainmentwe decided to put together a list of the top 10 OTPs of YouTube.

10. Jim Chapman and Tanya Burr (Janya)

Jim and Tanya
Photo Credit: Mulberry

Jim and Tanya are one of the cutest couples on YouTube. The engaged YouTubers have been together for around eight years and have amassed over two million subscribers each. Jim and Tanya have a very playful relationship. They joke and poke fun at each other, but you can tell from their videos how much they care for one another.

9. Joey Graceffa & Shane Dawson (Shoey)

shane and joey
Photo Credit: Shane Dawson

Though Joey Graceffa and Shane Dawson aren’t a real couple, the fun the pair has when they make videos together let us know that they’d be a perfect match. Additionally, the two play up their relationship to fans, calling each other “boo” and making sexual innuendos. Their playful flirting pulls us in every time, making us proud Shoey supporters.

8. Shay & Collette Butler

Photo Credit: Strawburry17.com

The Shaytards are perhaps the most popular family on YouTube, but five kids and a successful channel can’t stop Shay and Collette Butler from occasionally acting like lovesick teenagers. The two have been a couple since they were practically kids themselves and together they have been through it all; from struggling to make ends meet to selling their company for $500 million. Their ups and downs have only made them a stronger couple, and we’re so happy they let us be a part of it.

7. Dan Howell & Phil Lester (Phan)

dan and phil
Photo Credit: Phil Lester

These two friends from the UK are everything we could ever hope for in a friendship. They both have YouTube channels of their own, but share a gaming channel, as well as a radio show on BBC Radio 1 (now called The Internet Takeover and hosted by other various YouTubers as well). It seems as though there’s nothing Dan and Phil don’t do together and they’re always having the time of their lives.

6. Colleen Ballinger and Josh Evans (Joshleen)

Colleen & Joshua // Los Angeles Engagement
Photo Credit: Gabriel Gastelum Photography

Colleen and Josh have one of the sweetest proposal videos on YouTube, and the story on how their relationship began is even sweeter. It all started with Joshua watching a few of Colleen’s videos online and sending her a message about wanting to get to know her. This led to extensive messaging back and forth, talking on the phone, and skyping before finally meeting each other in person five weeks later. It’s hard not to fall in love with their love story.

5. Tyler Oakley and Troye Sivan (Troyler)

Tyler and Troye
Photo Credit: Troye Sivan

We just can’t help ourselves when it comes to Troyler. Every time Tyler and Troye are in a video together, there’s so much sass and flirting we can hardly handle it. The two successful YouTubers fuel this OTP even more by doing challenges together, such as “The Boyfriend Tag.” Though it doesn’t seem like they are officially together, we’re waiting patiently and keeping our fingers crossed.

4. Caspar Lee and Joe Sugg (Jaspar)

Caspar and Joe
Photo Credit: Caspar Lee

Though it’s not likely these two will ever actually be a couple, we can’t help but have Jaspar as one of our favorite OTPs. Joe and Caspar are two of the most fun roommates we’ve ever seen. From their intense prank battles to their holiday decorating, we just can’t help but think that these two make a great pair.

3. Grace Helbig and Chester See (Grester)

Grace and Chester
Photo Credit: Bruce Glikas/Broadway.com

Though they may never confirm it, we all know Grace and Chester are a couple, and a really cute one at that. When they are in videos together, whether it be via YouTube or, more recently, Snapchat, their flirting makes us swoon and the secret signs that they’re together just fuel our ship for them even more. Not to mention when we got to watch them, if only briefly, as a couple at the beginning of Camp Takota! Sigh. We can’t wait for the day when they finally admit they’re together. However, we respect their privacy and are happy they’re happy.

2. Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes (Zalfie)

Zoella and Alfie
Photo Credit: Zoe Sugg

Everybody likes to watch a love story unfold, and that’s exactly what the viewers of Zoella and PointlessBlog have gotten to do. The two started off as YouTube friends, collaborating together. They then became very close friends, stressing constantly that they were not dating. Later, it was leaked by a mutual friend that they are, in fact, a couple. Now, the two lovebirds are living together. Watching Zoe and Alfie is like watching your two friends that you always knew were perfect for each other. It makes your heart swell with happiness and gives you the satisfaction of being right.

1. Miranda Sings & Miranda Sings

Miranda Sings
Photo Credit: Miranda Sings

Though she may have a slew of boyfriends, we all know Miranda doesn’t need a man! Miss Sings has got the voice, the personality, and the looks. Sure, boys are fun to have on the side, but a serious relationship would only take the focus off of her incredible talent and that is the very last thing we’d want.


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