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    Top 10 Reasons to Be Excited for ‘The Walking Dead’ 6B

    The Walking Dead returns for the second half of season 6 this Sunday at 9/8c on AMC and it’s one of the most anticipated returns of the spring TV season. The Walking Dead continues to pull fans in with brutal, emotional, honest and unexpected storylines.

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    Aristotle and Dante Destined to Share More Summers

    Back in 2012, author Benjamin Alire Saenz released arguably his most famous novel, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. The book went on to claim critical success, winning twenty-seven awards including the ALA Michael L. Printz Award Honor Book. Now, four years later, a much-anticipated sequel is in the works. Saenz announced on his Twitter that he would be writing the sequel, which he claims will be titled There Will Be Other Summers.

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    Webcomic Wednesday: The Captain of My Soul: “Cottonstar” Review

    Cottonstar is a collaboration between the Cape Town based team of Ben G. Geldenhuys and Danelle Malan. The comic is set sometime after an unspecified “incident” left much of the world, including most of South Africa, underwater. What remained of civilization has turned into a delightfully wacky version of a future-tech pirate adventure.

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    Crushworthy Wednesday: Changing the World with Alex Rider

    The Alex Rider universe—one where 14-year-olds could impact the world so strongly—gave young readers a character on their level to idolize, as well as a goal, not too far out of reach, but just far enough, that encouraged as much as it entertained.

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    ‘The 100’ Review: “Ye Who Enter Here”

    Meaghan McDonough ’17/ Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer Any fears fans of The 100 had last week that the show couldn’t keep up the rigorous pace set by Season 2, rest assured: The 100 we know