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    “It’s an Opera for Beggars” Threepenny Opera Opens Off-Broadway

    The Threepenny Opera opened its doors on April 7, 2014 at the Atlantic Theatre Company in NYC. This production breathes new life into the Marc Blitzstein translation of the piece. The current production is headed by director/choreographer Martha Clarke who is known for her work in theatre, dance, and opera. [...]
  • Ivan Kaye and Linus Roache  in the Vikings episode "Blood Eagle." Photo Credit: Jonathan Hession/History Channel.

    “Vikings” Recap/Review: “Blood Eagle”

    “Blood Eagle” marked the end of Jarl Borg, the formal reveal of the depth of King Horik’s treachery, and the return of Earl Lagertha. In a ten episode season, the progression of the storyline must be tracked carefully since there is absolutely no room for filler. [...]
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    Top Ten Turn-Based Games

    One of the very oldest styles of games, turn-based games have always been a staple in entertainment. They have entered a golden age with the introduction of video games, so here’s a brief look at some of the very best. [...]
  • Emilia Clarke in the Game of Thrones episode "Two Swords." Photo Credit: HBO.

    “Game of Thrones” Review/Recap: “Two Swords”

    Last season’s opening scene of Game of Thrones was bitter, cold, and brutal as the White Walkers caught up with the Night’s Watch. This season began with fire and all the trademark brutality that Game of Thrones viewers have come to know and love. [...]