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    Why ‘Supergirl’ Matters

    It might be easy to dismiss her as a female copy of Superman, or a sign that Hollywood still does not know how to create compelling and three-dimensional female characters. Kara Zor-El has always been a bright, bubbly, and upbeat character, if not occasionally too naive for her own good. But that’s what makes her a compelling character. She’s merely trying to make her way in the world like everyone else, which makes her no less of a powerful character, but into a real person living the life that many young women live in the 21st century. [...]
  • Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles in the Supernatural episode "Brother's Keeper." Photo Credit: The CW.

    ‘Supernatural’ Season Finale Review: “Brother’s Keeper”

    Supernatural’s tenth year ended with what was probably one of the better episodes this season, which, unfortunately, is not saying much. Knowing that the boys are back to their old selves, there is hope, still, that season eleven will be better than the Supernatural of the past two seasons. [...]
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    Breaking Into Manga: Sailor Moon Vol. 1

    Sailor Moon is a great starting point to launch yourself into the world of Manga, so it is recommended to anyone interested in getting to know a new medium of entertainment. The bold and fabric-esque prints for the backgrounds of the panels make the manga entertaining not only to read, but entertaining to just look at. Even though the cover and artwork may seem frilly and delicate, you soon learn that the Sailor Scouts are much more than that. [...]