Top 10 ‘The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror Episodes

Gabrielle Carroll ‘17/ Emertainment Monthly TV Staff Writer

Halloween is just around the corner. That means it’s time to break out those classic spooky television specials. And who is better at Halloween specials than ‘The Simpsons’? Here are the top ten Treehouse of Horror Specials for your marathoning needs.

Photo Credit: FOX
Photo Credit: FOX

10. Starting off with the only tie on the list, between:

S3 E7 Treehouse of Horror II:

“Lisa’s Nightmare” “Bart’s Nightmare” and “Homer’s Nightmare”


S10 E4 Treehouse of Horror IX:

“Hell Toupée” “The Terror of Tiny Toon” “Starship Poopers”

These two episodes, while great as a whole, have some obvious stand-out segments, specifically, “Lisa’s Nightmare” (aka “The Monkey’s Paw”) and “Hell Toupée”. These segments were so strong that they won their respective episodes a share of the tenth spot.

9. S14 E1 Treehouse of Horror XIII:

“Send in the Clones” “The Fright to Creep and Scare Harms” and “The Island of Dr. Hibbert”

This episode qualifies for its use of clones (with a cameo from Family Guy’s Peter Griffin), and it’s notable parody of H.G. Wells’ The Island of Dr. Moreau.

Photo Credit: Simpsons World
Photo Credit: Simpsons World

8. S12 E1 Treehouse of Horror XI:

“G-G-Ghost D-D-Dad” “Scary Tales Can Come True” “Night of the Dolphin”

This classic episode is memorable for it’s Hansel and Gretel themed segment, but also for it’s segment in which a plucky dolphin named Snorky leads a dolphin revolution and banishes humans to the ocean. It’s a good one.

7. S9 E4 Treehouse of Horror VIII:

“The H𝛀mega Man” “Fly vs. Fly” and “Easy Bake Coven”

Placed at number 6 for Bart turning into a fly and Marge, Patty, and Selma as witchy sisters, this episode is easily a fan favorite for its allusions to Spy vs. Spy and Arthur Miller’s The Crucible.

Photo Credit: Simpsons World
Photo Credit: Simpsons World

6. S13 E1 Treehouse of Horror XII:

“Hex and the City” “House of Whacks” and “Wiz Kids”

2001: Space Odyssey and Harry Potter parodies in the same episode? Plus a bizarre tale about the love between a leprechaun and a gypsy? Yes and yes. This episode is just weird enough to find a place in the top six.

5. S7 E6 Treehouse of Horror VI:

“Attack of the 50-Foot Eyesores” “Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace” and “Homer”

With each segment as good as the next, this episode rounds out the top five. It has an iconic Simpsons song (“Just Don’t Look”), a Nightmare on Elm Street parody featuring Groundskeeper Willie, and a peculiar experiment in 3D animation.

4. S4 E5 Treehouse of Horror III:

“Clown without Pity” “King Homer” and “Dial ‘Z’ for Zombies”

Another all around great episode with references to Chucky, Godzilla, and every zombie genre movie ever made. This memorable episode is sure to get you spooked and laughing.  

Photo Credit: FOX
Photo Credit: FOX

3. S8 E1 Treehouse of Horror VII:

“The Thing and I” “The Genesis Tub” and “Citizen Kang”

Bart has a secret twin, Lisa grows a tiny civilization, and two Aliens run for president. Had the next two episodes not been absolutely brilliant, this easily could be number one. (Not to mention, “Fish heads, fish heads, rolly poly fish heads…”)

2. S6 E6 Treehouse of Horror V

“The Shinning” “Time and Punishment” and “Nightmare Cafeteria”

With a skillful parody of Kubrick’s The Shining, hilarious use of time travel, and a Sweeney Todd-esque story (loosely based on short-lived horror/fantasy show Nightmare Cafe) how could this episode not make the top two? It’s one of the more actually terrifying Treehouse of Horrors.

Photo Credit: FOX
Photo Credit: FOX

1. S2 E3 Treehouse of Horror I

“Bad Dream House” “Hungry are the Damned” and “The Raven”

Of course, the number one Treehouse of Horror episode is the first one ever made. It brilliantly parodies classic haunted house films like The Amityville Horror and Poltergeist. It’s the first appearance of the alien duo, Kodos and Kang. And this episode’s adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven, narrated by James Earl Jones, is one of the best literary adaptations of all time. A true classic.


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