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The Top Ten ‘Super Smash Bros’ Fighters

Chandler Kilgore-Parshall ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Remember those childhood days when many would play a round of Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 64 with their friends? A frantic energy was always afoot as Mario, Link, and Nintendo’s biggest superstars duked it out in their whimsical, digital worlds. Smash Bros has always been a nostalgic voyage back to the days of competitive fun and relationships being destroyed in the process. Many still play Smash Bros to this day, and with the release of the next big installment on the horizon, players should be amped to get their 3DS and Wii-U copies. Although, some might be asking, “What’s the best character to play as?” We like to think as ourselves as a seasoned Smash veteran, so here’s Emertainment’s top ten picks from the Smash Bros universe.

10. Kirby


Despite his adorable pinkness, Kirby is a well-rounded character with techniques that skilled players can utilize to make him a game changer. Kirby’s able to swallow his enemies in his vacuum mouth and copy not only their looks but also one of their special moves! When he’s not digesting the poor sucker in his way, Kirby can transform into a rock that protects him from harm, as well as performing a meteor slam that could KO an opponent in a split-second. Plus, Kirby can fly in the air, employing his balloon-like weight to avoid being knocked off the stage. Overall, Kirby’s moves can deliver a lot of hurt, but his lightness proves to be his weakness, as a well-timed punch can finish Kirby off. But who really wants to punch something that cute?

9. Mewtwo


A fan favorite since 2002’s Super Smash Bros Melee, Mewtwo is one of the original 151 Pokemon with mysterious powers that aid him in battle. As a psychic-type, Mewtwo’s able to chuck orbs of dark energy and lift opponents up in the air with ease. He can even stun opponents dead in their tracks, allowing Mewtwo to deliver another deadly attack. What makes the fighter so distinct is Mewtwo doesn’t telegraph his attacks or movements, he teleports in the air so effortlessly that he can get around in no time. While it appears that Mewtwo will not be joining the fray for the fourth installment, many fans still want the iconic psychic to make a grand return.

8. Ike


Ike, the swordsman from Fire Emblem is a fairly new addition to the Smash Bros family, his fighting debut in Brawl (2008) as a heavyweight champion. Ike wields an enormous blade that smacks enemies around the battlefield in a furry of slashes. He even possesses the ability to ignite flames from his sword that can burn everyone to a crispy roast! Despite his slow mobility, Ike has a Speed Slash that allows him to zoom across the stage, mowing anybody in his way. And his Final Smash, Great Aether, is not only awesome but also completely satisfying!

7. Samus


Armed with lasers, cannons, rockets and so much more, Samus Aran the Bounty Hunter’s ready to fight! The armor that encases Samus protects her from significant damage as it allows her to morph into a ball to roll about! Even when in the face of death, Samus can use a laser beam to fasten herself onto a ledge and zip back into the battle. Probably one of Smash’s most versatile fighters!

6. Solid Snake



While he stands out like a sore thumb in the Smash Bros cast, Solid Snake’s one of the sneakiest fighters within the roster. Despite issues with mobility and slow prep time for his attacks, Snake can bury mines in the arena and blow fighters sky high. He seems more like a distance combatant in order for his tactics to be implemented correctly. While it doesn’t seem like the protagonist of the Metal Gear Solid saga will be coming back for the next Smash Bros, the special agent remains a favorite in fan’s hearts.

5. Mario


Nintendo’s iconic mascot has been around since 1981 in the original arcade game, Donkey Kong. Everybody’s favorite plumber has brought so much laughs and smiles with his myriad of party titles: Mario Kart, Mario Party and Paper Mario. Mario’s both a lover and a fighter, but in Smash Bros, there’s no love for his fellow fighters. Mario’s a well-rounded character with incredible jumping power and powerful close quarters combat. The Italian plumber can smack opponents around without leaving himself vulnerable to a counterattack. Beginners and skilled players alike can master Mario’s move set and become a powerhouse in the Smash Bros arena.

4. Metaknight


A man with little words that packs a deadly sting. Metaknight, one of Kirby’s greatest rivals, emerged onto the scene in 2008’s Super Smash Bros Brawl as a starting character. He can glide throughout the air in his mysterious bat-like attire while slashing the poor fools below. Metaknight’s arsenal contains a flurry of offensive attacks along with a sneaky counter that allows the swordsman to disappear and swipe back! Considered one of the top tier fighters in the game community, Metaknight’s play style is vicious and energetic that makes players feel unstoppable!

3. Ice Climbers


One of the most underrated franchises in Nintendo’s chronology, The Ice Climbers, came to the Smash Bros series in 2001, packing some real manpower to the battle. Popo (blue) and Nana (pink) are the dynamic duo within the previous games. They swing their mallets around as if they’re competing in the Scottish sport of hammer throw. The Ice Climbers are capable of deadly damage when together, when they charge their attacks an inevitable KO is bound to happen! Their Achilles’ heel, when one Ice Climber dies, their power is drastically cut in half. Nonetheless, you would not want to be the third wheel with these guys in a fight.

2. Luigi


Everybody knows and loves Mario, right? Well, do you know that Mario has a little brother named Luigi? If not, you’re missing out on one of the greatest, most awkward fighter that Smash Bros has to offer! While Luigi possesses 75% of Mario’s moves, the green Plumber brings a dizzying assortment of his own. From a fast combo of flying punches to the Luigi Missile that fires him like a projectile across the stage, Mario’s younger brother is a wild card in battle. There’s a lot of depth that can be found within Luigi and not just his fighting style. His low self-esteem and a microscopic spark of homicidal rage (play Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U to see) that make Luigi one of the powerful characters to grace all of the Smash Bros games.

1. Wario


And to end the top ten Smash Bros fighters is Wario, the arch-nemesis of Mario and Luigi. To call him a wild card is not giving the chubby villain his due credit. Wario is an unstoppable, unorthodox, and perilous warrior in the heat of battle, with a bizarre array of techniques. From riding his motorcycle to devouring foes whole and blasting himself up into the sky with a fart bubble, this man has no limits to what he can achieve. His punches deliver considerable pain while following them up with a corkscrew aerial attack. And just when it seems this guy wasn’t packing enough heat bloated in his lower intestines, there’s Super Wario. When Wario obtains the Final Smash orb, his speed and strength quadruples and everybody in his path will be annihilated. There’s no stopping this big, mean fighting machine, which is why he is a top tier fave.

So which characters do you think should’ve made the list? And how excited are you for the upcoming Super Smash Bros for the 3DS and Wii U? Stay tuned for future Smash Bros updates!


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