See Hey Rosetta! in Boston Tomorrow Night

David Weiner ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer


Hey Rosetta! is headed to the Royale in Boston to spread the good word of indie rock. Lord knows that Boston and its enormous collection of college kids loves its alternative music. The seven-piece Canadian group brings together a bundle of instruments to create its inspirational sound.

The music they produce is organic and rich in soul. Immediate images of cruising beachside with the windows lowered come to mind when listening this group’s full, but light sound.

Their newest album titled, Second Sight, follows three earlier albums dating back to 2006 and five EPs dating back to 2005. The release of this new album in January of 2015 will only boost the credibility and longevity of this band’s future.

Along with the new music are some incredibly shot videos that beautifully walk hand-in-hand with the message of songs.

You can see Hey Rosetta! along with Stars here in Boston at the Royale on November 9 and download their new album Second Sight on iTunes this coming year.


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