Secret Someones’ ‘I Won’t Follow’ EP Packs a Punch

Julia Steele ‘17 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer


The girl-powered alt-rock band Secret Someones have a sound not quite like most other current acts out there, but has something for everyone. Formed in the spirit of collaboration, the band’s music is a clear fusion of different musical styles. Adding the lyrically driven, melodic sounds of artists like Joni Mitchell and Ingrid Michaelson to the hard, guitar-heavy sound of Weezer and Tom Petty, the end product is truly unique. Their new I Won’t Follow – EP released late last August, still has fans jamming to the small collection of tracks.

The title track, “I Won’t Follow” opens the EP with rousing guitars and anthemic chorus. It is both catchy and complex at the same time, with luminous vocals and powerful harmonies backed by muddy, hard-rocking guitars. What makes this unique Secret Someones sound so pleasingly full is each individual member’s musical prowess.

Singer-songwriters Lelia Broussard, Hannah Winkler, and Bess Rogers, and the multi-instrumentalist and drummer Zach Jones were all accomplished musicians in their own right before the formation of the band. The four chose to start playing music as a band after touring together as solo artists, occasionally backing one another up in guitar or vocals. But it is the collaboration of these individually talented artists to form one united sound is what makes tracks like “I Won’t Follow” so cohesive and powerful.

The second track on I Won’t Follow, “Chase Your Shadow,” is much more anthemic, the voices all fierce and powerful as they harmonize through the chorus. What starts out as almost futuristic and hauntingly soft gives way to strong, intricate harmonies that don’t quit.

The band’s cover of Nirvana’s “Breed” lacks none of the power that the original supplies, but instead uses the gritty guitar riffs to contrast crisp harmonies. Each layer of this track is powerful in it’s own way, every one of the band’s members shredding on their respective instruments. Jones’ drumming abilities, paired with the harsh guitars and sharpened harmonic vocals makes for a truly interesting take on the Nirvana favorite.

I Won’t Follow is rounded out with an acoustic version of the title track, showing the softer side of the band’s instrumental ability. Even stripped down, the vocals are powerful and sincere, ending the EP on a heartfelt note.

The entirety of I Won’t Follow is packed with energy. Broussard, Winkler, Jones, and Rogers work together so naturally, the chemistry they experienced the instant they began writing and performing is obvious. When all is said and done, Secret Someones has a fierce presence and ability to deliver both onstage and in the studio. And the best part? They’re just getting started.

Secret Someones will be releasing a full-length album at some point early this year, and will be at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston with Jukebox the Ghost and Little Daylight this Thursday, March 5th.


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