‘Orphan Black’ Season 3: First Teaser Trailer and Premiere Date Revealed

Maya Reddy ‘17 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Good news, cloneclub, clonesbians, or however else one chooses to identify themselves as a fan of Orphan Black. The BBC America science fiction series now has an official premiere date and a first teaser trailer for its upcoming third season. Take a look:

Within the half a minute clip, each of the main clones, Cosima, Sarah, Helena and Alison speak directly to camera – a throwback to its original trailer from when the series first premiered. Instead of just the clones played by Tatiana Maslany speaking to camera, newly revealed clones from the season two finale have their fair share to say as well. Cynthia Galant who portrays the youngest version of the clones, Charlotte Bowles, follows the lead of her older counterparts and sides with them as she speaks to the audience.  Additionally, created from Project Castor, two of the male clones played by Ari Millen, also speak to camera – one of the characters is presumably unknown, while the other was a character we were offered a glimpse of in the season two finale. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, show-runner Graeme Manson revealed this clone’s name to be Rudy, who appears just as troublesome in this teaser, as he was when first introduced.

Overall the message, of the trailer is rather vague. They emphasize an oncoming war, and fans have translated Helena’s Ukrainian to be something along the lines of “this is our fight”. The women are clearly taking an aggressive side; even Alison who avoids conflict when she can, shows a timid agreement to join the fight with her sisters, declaring “those with power do not give it up easily”, while the young clone, Charlotte shows less trepidation in siding with the rest. The male clones prove to be tricky, considering a lack of knowledge about their motives. Rudy clearly appears as an antagonist while the unknown male clone doesn’t appear particularly invested in either side as he follows up with a transition from the female clones declaring war, to Rudy smirking into camera.

It’s not quite clear how big a role the male clones, Project Castor, will play in season three of Orphan Black, but in his EW interview, Manson reaffirms that the focus will remain on Sarah in her search for answers. And just like in the season two premiere, Manson reassures viewers that season three will “hit the ground running”. Considering this foreboding teaser trailer, the season three premiere will be action-packed indeed.

Orphan Black is set to return April 18, 2015.


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