Not Quite Spring Time Carnivore

Kathleen Howes ’17 / Emertainment Monthly Contributor


Boston’s freezing winds and snow-covered gardens could not keep “springtime” from our blizzard-ridden town when Brighton Music Hall presented Springtime Carnivore.

While everyone searches for their spots, the four member band took to the stage – two ladies and two gentlemen.

From the start, lead vocalist Greta Morgan, sparkles as her adorably sweet self when she says “Oh my! Perfect timing, I was hoping they’d turn down the music as I took the stage but the song did it itself.” She smiled. I smiled. And then the band started playing, which is when I hoped that Morgan would have just continued to talk to us. Not one word and maybe syllable of the opening song could be understood. The drums overtook Morgan’s vocals, the keyboards sounded like eerie starship turbulence and the base wasn’t even audible. The only snippet of goodness came from the dance moves of the bass guitarist. Also enjoyable was the girl with the ponytail who bobbed up and down to the beat.  It seems, however, that even at a concert – music isn’t everything.  The indie rock band may not have had musicality, but they were still able to win the audience over with their friendly and humble personas.

After their first song, Morgan connected to her audience when she said “You guys are fun! I knew you who’d come out to a rock ‘n roll concert in a snow storm would be fun, and I was right!”

“Wait,” I thought, “Who does come out in a snow storm to see Springtime Carnivore besides the journalist assigned to write this article?” I’m curious, so I look around. Hipsters. Cool hipsters with man-buns, beards, beanies, and beer in hands. It appears the name “Springtime Carnivore” in itself makes sense to these people. They love it. They connect to it. Personally, I thought the musicians picked three words out of the magnets on their refrigerator.

After a few songs, the band undergoes an awkward change of instruments and the pianist just gets up and leaves the stage.

“How are you guys doing on this side of the room?” Morgan asks as she switches to the keyboard and sings.

The notes are fine. I even liked the melodies, but I had yet been able to decipher one word. The bass guitarist, however, steals the show with his rock-out dance moves. Then I vaguely recall the ponytail girl on the keyboard and wonder where she went. Maybe playing pool in the back of the house?

One by one, the rest of the band members vaguely disappear like the Ponytail, until Morgan is left alone on stage for the most memorable song in the set.

“Scott can I have a little more reverb on this one?” Morgan says. She tells us  that Bostonians are cool. Thanks, girl! We know that. The audience starts to get into the concert. We sway along and let her powerful vocals rock the hall. Morgan talks again. Then she strums her guitar and encloses the venue in an intimate atmosphere. “Boston is awesome,” she says. “Any of you go to Harvard? Any of you teach at Harvard? No!? Phew! I was about to say you look 15 in a good way.” She clears her throat and starts strumming again. She knocks it out of the park (maybe even one bigger than Fenway) Morgan possesses a folksy, comforting and empowering vocals. She’s talented. She’s fun. She’s sincere.

At the end of the concert, she leaves us with a familiar song, one that we know the lyrics to.

“We have a birthday boy on stage,” she says. “ His name is Adam. Let’s sing.” She gets the whole audience engaged in singing “Happy Birthday.” Then she says, “He’s one years old” and she puts bunny ears on his head. “A few songs left and then we eat cake.”

Until springtime reaches Boston on the 21st of March, the closest we can get to a break from the cold is listening to Springtime Carnivore inside.  The band, however, will stay cold. Next stop on their tour is Canada. Maybe Morgan can bring her warmth to their cold spell as well.


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