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Neil Patrick Harris Top Ten Hosting Moments

Nora Dominick ‘17 / Emertainment Monthly Assistant Stage Editor

10. 2010 Oscars Opening

This was the last time Neil Patrick Harris hosted the Oscars and it was another highlight on his laundry list of hosting accomplishments. This time around he sang in a bedazzles, diamond suit and had an all around good time on stage. Of course the musical number started off with simply Harris standing on stage and then escalated to an entire Broadway-esque musical number. If this is any indication as to how his hosting job will be at the 2015 Academy Awards it’s sure to be an amazing night.

9. Playsical Mashup at the 2013 Tony Awards

Musicals and Plays often are very split at the Tony Awards. So, Neil Patrick Harris changes this up and decides to combine some classic plays and musicals to create one amazing production. “The Elephant Man of La Mancha”, “Cabar-Raisin in the Sun” and “Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spiderman Turn Off the Dark” are some of his clever names for playsicals and it was a moment that helped combine both categories that are celebrated at the Tony Awards. 

8. Neil Patrick Harris Turn as SpiderMan at the 2013 Tony Awards

When Neil Patrick Harris dangles from the ceiling as Spider-Man to simply prove how harrowing it is, that’s pretty special. This short, simple moment was one of the most talked about during the 2013 Tony Awards. As soon as Neil Patrick Harris dangles in the background as Angela Lansbury you know it’s going to be an amazing night. His comedic skills are incredible and this small moment of physical comedy was one of his best.

7. 2013 Emmy Awards Opening Number

Neil Patrick Harris hosted both the Emmy’s and the Tony’s in the same year and it was amazing. He brought his musical talent to the Emmy stage by creating a major musical number with guest stars like Nathan Fillion and Sarah Silverman. For someone who is used to hosting he brought something new to the Emmy performance. Most Emmy hosts tend to stray towards comedic monologues. He brought his wit, his charm and musicality to the hosting role and it earned him rousing applause.

6. Neil Patrick Harris and Hugh Jackman Duet from the 2011 Tony Awards

Okay, when you team up the two greatest Tony Awards hosts of all time, it’s sure to be an amazing moment. Hugh Jackman and Neil Patrick Harris have a “rivalry” going on for who can best host the Tony Awards and it continued with this moment. The two hosts duet and dance their way around the stage as they create on of the best moments in Tony Awards history. Jackman and Harris often trade off as hosts for the big event and to have the two of them together on the stage was very special.

5. It’s Not Just for Gays Anymore! from the 2011 Tony Awards

Okay, when Neil Patrick Harris creates a musical number that triumphs Broadway and musical stereotypes and lets people realize that musicals are for everyone who enjoys having an amazing time. The idea that Harris has a major hand in creating the musical numbers he participates in makes this opening number much more special. And when Harris can get celebrities to sing as part of the opening it’s even more adorable. Stephen Colbert and Brooke Shields sing and take part in the fun and it’s one of the reasons Harris is such a great host. he incorporates the audience into his opening numbers and doesn’t simple talk and joke with them. It’s a very special bond he has with the audience.

4. Excessive Hosting Disorder at the 2013 Emmys

If anyone was to have an excessive hosting disorder it would be Neil Patrick Harris. The fact that he has hosted the Emmys, Tony Awards and Oscars there is really nothing he can’t do. This skit during the 2013 Emmy Awards was perfect as he described his need for excessive hosting with the help of the How I Met Your Mother cast. He created his own foundation, The Ryan Seacrest Foundation where it helps free  patients from addiction to hosting award shows charitable fundraisers and “star search” themed reality programming. This small skit was the perfect combination of showing off Neil Patrick Harris’ hosting skills while poking fun at his excessive hosting.

3. Television Sucks! at the 2013 Tony Awards

This year was probably one of Neil Patrick Harris’ best hosting moments. He dominated Radio City Musical Hall as he helped celebrate a phenomenal year on Broadway. This quick bit he included was one of his most memorable. Accompanied by Laura Benanti, Andrew Rannells and Megan Hilty, Neil Patrick Harris poked fun at stage actors leaving Broadway to try television. The trio sing about their hardship on television and Harris even triumphantly talks about his work in How I Met Your Mother. This song received resounding applause and was well received as the actors poked fun at their issues with working in television.

2. 2012 Tony Awards Opening Number

Is there anything Neil Patrick Harris can’t do? The answer is no. This opening number was one of his most memorable as he sang a hilarious and well crafted song about the magic of theatre. Patti LuPone even showed up as his Broadway neighbor and help explain to everyone the magic of Broadway. Harris always looks like he has a blast on stage and this is one of those moments that showcases his love of hosting and theatre. He has the ability to rope the audience with a single word and this musical number is one of his most memorable. And not to mention he sang the famous Book of Mormon number “Hello” with the cast.

1. 2013 Tony Awards Opening Number

Neil Patrick Harris’ opening number for the 2013 Tony Awards is a true spectacle. Harris’ ability to combine numerous musicals both old and new into a show stopping opening number is truly magical. Marking the Tony Awards return to Radio City Music Hall, this number could not have done a better job of celebrating 67 years of musical theatre. Harris has truly become a Tony Award icon. After hosting the show 3 times before this opening number last year, he brought his all. He received a standing ovation for the earth defying number. Simply watch and be amazed at the musical talent of this Tony Award icon.

How will his hosting job at tonight’s Oscars hold up on this list? Tune into the 2015 Academy Awards on ABC at 8:30/9:30c to see Neil Patrick Harris host.


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