Meatbodies: Where Punk Meets Hints of Electro

Gabby Catalano ’18 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer


What began as a cassette tape led to a full-length album. Bordering their sounds between Dead Boys and Mindless Self Indulgence, Meatbodies isn’t your typical 2000-millennium punk band. Having been producing and recording since only 2012, this California name is new to the psychedelic scene, though their smashing vocals, loud guitar riffs, and electronic hints are already setting fire in the industry.

Imagine a small, darkly lit venue housing a band that focuses on loudness and piercing instrumentation — their sounds will nearly shake the room, spill beer, and form mosh pits. Those effects will be from Meatbodies playing at Great Scott on October 28th.

The band’s self-titled, twelve-track album Meatbodies hit Pitchfork reviews on October 13th, receiving enthusiastic acclaim. The album is hard-hitting for a first, and their full of potent guitar work and brimming rhythms give them a name worth checking out. Not to mention, their vibrant album cover mimics the supernaturalness of their sound.

Meatbodies Cover Art
Cover art for the Meatbodies album.

The subtle transition of tracks, like from “The Archer” to “Disorder,” offers clean switches from eerie, electronic sound effects to hardcore beats. The blends of electronica and punk are heard throughout the album, implementing heart-throbbing sounds and fast-paced guitar work while still hinting at electro influences. This is a level that even CBGB bands couldn’t meet — the mix of two opposite genres and styles.

The track “Tremmors” offers dramatic pauses in between lyrics and guitar strums that give the sounds more thrill, as do tracks “Mountain” and “Wahoo.” Meatbodies harmony of instrumentation and shrilling effects contribute to their dogged aura and determination to sell.

If you’re in the loop with the punk scene, then you’re probably familiar with this band and their gritty appearance. If not, check out their music page.

Prepare to blow out your eardrums at Great Scott!


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