‘The Flash’ Has Found New Villain In ‘The Walking Dead’ Alum Emily Kinney

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Emily Kinney in The Walking Dead episode "Slabtown." Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC.
Emily Kinney in The Walking Dead episode “Slabtown.” Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC.

The Flash has just cast The Walking Dead veteran, Emily Kinney in a new villainous role. Kinney is slated to play, Brie Larvan a vicious hacker who is attacking Central City. Kinney follows fellow Walking Dead alumna Audrey Marie Anderson who plays Lyla Michaels on Arrow to the DC television universe.

Since a heartbreaking goodbye in November when fans watched as Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and the crew busted into Grady Memorial to save Beth only to have her die, fans of The Walking Dead were wondering when/where everyones favorite Greene daughter would end up next. Kinney was a fan favorite in the television series and her death put fans in an uproar. Now, she has found a new home.

According to The CW, Brie Larvan is the re-imagination of a classic DC villain, Bertram Larvan also known as Bug-Eyed Bandit. This is an amazing twist on such a classic DC character because the character is usually portrayed by a man. This gender-bending role is something the DC universe was lacking. Their television shows have not done a gender switch on any characters, especially beloved ones, so this will be a very interesting and forward thinking character addition.

Kinney is scheduled to appear in episode 18 of The Flash entitled “All-Star Team-Up.” The episode will also guest star Arrow characters, Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) and Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh). Brie Larvan has been described as a narcissistic tech wizard who has begun wreaking havoc in Central City. She is said to be the foil to everyone’s favorite tech nerd, Felicity Smoak. Felicity quickly recognizes Brie as her nemesis and the two women engage in a hacker battle for The Flash’s (Grant Gustin) life. This episode is centered around these two powerful women and it is sure to be an amazing episode of The Flash. Fans of Arrow have been waiting for a character to be the arch-enemy of Felicity Smoak and this news satifisied them.

Right now, Kinney is only scheduled to appear in one episode but, characters in the DC universe are never really gone forever as shown by Sara (Caity Lotz), Vertigo (Seth Gabel) and many others on Arrow. Kinney has found a new home and fans are definitely not complaining.

The Flash airs on Tuesdays at 8/9c on The CW


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