Five Great YouTube Channels You’ve Never Heard Of

Ryn Soorholtz ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

1. IroningMyUnderwear- Subscribers: 25.4k

Host: Tyler Stafford

Don’t let the name fool you; this is not a channel about laundry. If you’re looking to laugh at other people’s embarrassing stories then look no further. Tyler’s most well known for his series of scarring stories where he tells stories of how things like grinding, boy scouts, and even “butt quarters” left him scarred for life.

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2. JamieVsTheUniverse- Subscribers 27.5k

Host: Jamie Swarbrick

This channel is perfect for people who enjoy artistic videos and appreciate amazing cinematography. Jamie makes conceptual videos containing inspiring scores and sometimes the addition of well-written monologues. His videos are completely visually and auditorily stimulating so it is highly recommended that his videos been seen on the highest HD setting possible.

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3. ThingsDanBSays- Subscribers: 134

Host: Daniel Begin

Daniel is a student from our own Emerson College ranks who talks about his life as a Theater major in Boston. Although he only started his channel last fall, he has been gaining subscribers fairly regularly. If you are a fan of Tyler Oakley, make sure to watch his video of getting to meet him in Los Angeles. If you enjoy listening to stories about the strange things that acting majors are asked to do or just weird stories in general, Daniel’s up and coming new channel is highly recommended.

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4. Tincanbros- Subscribers: 2.5k

Host: Brian Rosenthal, Corey Lubovich, Joey Richter

If you’ve ever heard of Team Starkid—creators of A Very Potter Musical—then you will definitely enjoy TinCanBros. Started by members of Team Starkid, TinCanBros is a sketch comedy channel that has plenty of surprise cameos from other members like Brant Cox, as well as some unknown faces. You don’t need to be a Starkid fan to love this channel; all you need is a sense of humor!

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5. Veguntold – Subscribers: 17k

Host: George Long

If you don’t understand or appreciate extremely dry humor dripping with sarcasm, then this channel is not for you. Veguntold usually posts vlog-style videos, but he does intersperse comedic sketches into the mix. If you have any doubts, just know his “About” section only has a quote from his mother saying, “You swear too much in these.” Perfection.

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