Denis Villeneuve In Talks To Direct ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel, Harrison Ford To Return

George Huertas ’17 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Harrison Ford in Blade Runner. Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment.
Harrison Ford in Blade Runner. Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment.

It seems you can’t spin around without finding reports of some other old franchise taking flight. Whether it’s the reports of Chris Pratt taking over Indiana Jones from Harrison Ford, or Neill Blomkamp taking over the Alien franchise from Ridley Scott, it seems that old is once again new.

Now, another project to be revisited is the one that brought Ford and Scott together in the first place: Blade Runner.

That’s right. Director Denis Villeneuve (Enemy, Prisoners) is said to be in talks to helm the long-gestating sequel to Blade Runner, with Harrison Ford confirmed to return to the role of Rick Deckard, and a screenplay by Hampton Fancher (writer of the original Blade Runner) and Michael Green (Green Lantern, The River) is said to serve the basis.

The original Blade Runner had a tremendously troubled production and was box-office dud when first released. No doubt, this was exacerbated by Warner Bros’. insistence that Scott add a happy ending to replace the previous bittersweet ending and a voiceover done by a notoriously bored-sounding Ford.

Still, in the ensuing years Blade Runner has thrived as a cult classic and proved to be massively influential to directors such as Christopher Nolan and Guillermo del Toro, not to mention the legions of science fiction films it served to influence in the future, such as Ghost in the Shell.

A sequel has been spoken about in hushed tones for years, but now it seems that dream is finally becoming a reality.


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