‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Recap: “Who’s the Cool Girl Josh is Dating?”

Ivy Sears ’19/ Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Spoiler Alert: This review contains spoilers for Season 2 Episode 7 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III) has a new girlfriend. She’s pretty! She’s cool! And she’s selling drugs? The latest episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend returns to its crazy, stalkerish roots when Valencia (Gabrielle Ruiz) and Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) discover that Josh has a brand new girlfriend.

This episode opens with the heartbreaking reminder that Paula (Donna Lynne Champlin) and Rebecca are still refusing to talk to each other. The two ladies throw petty insults at each other as Paula cleans up her desk to make herself seem more professional. Both women state that they are not- under any circumstance- going to be the first to apologize, so this fight may sadly drag on for a bit longer. However, even without Rebecca by her side, we see Paula excelling in law school. She gets excited about obscure court cases and loves reading all her textbooks. This puts a strain on her home life, but as this episode begins it’s hard to remember a time when Paula was happier.

We cut to Rebecca, Valencia, and Heather (Vella Lovell) aka girlgroup4evah, sitting around surfing the internet. Valencia and Rebecca claim to have made the internet a Josh free zone, having unfriended and unfollowed him on every form of social media. This is obviously a lie and both women stalk his Instagram. They simultaneously discover that Josh has a new girlfriend named Anna (Brittany Snow). She is cool and beautiful and down to earth. Obviously, Rebecca and Valencia sit and stalk her for three days straight, leading to the song “Research Me Obsessively,” sung by Anna.

The girls learn that Anna works at a fancy salon that caters to high-end celebrities. They decide to take a trip over to see her and learn more about the “enemy”. Rebecca leads the way because well, Valencia is far less insane. While at the salon they see women leaving with small bags of white powder, naturally the assume that Anna is a drug dealer. As they leave they accidentally run over Anna’s cat, Gravy. Valencia and Rebecca rush Anna (who has no idea they were responsible) and little Gravy to the vet, where they luckily are successful in reattaching his tail. While chatting with Anna, Valencia and Rebecca learn that she has security cameras all around her establishment, and will, therefore, be able to figure out that they were the ones who hit her cat. This will mean that Josh will find out what they were up to.

After learning about the security cameras, Valencia and Rebecca obviously break into Anna’s salon. While there, they learn that 1. Anna is not selling drugs and 2. Josh has very real feelings for Anna. Both girls are left sad and in need of support. Rebecca needs a friend.Valencia needs to get laid.

Meanwhile, Paula has been struggling to balance her personal life with her school life, leading to problems in her marriage. Paula also ends this episode needing a friend after her husband Scott (Steve Monroe) storms out of their house. With both Rebecca and Paula being in a bad place and needing a friend, they have the desire to reach out to one another. They both, however, are still being childish and don’t want to be the first to reach out. The episode ends with the song “You Go First,” sung by both Paula and Rebecca, each explaining that they are sorry, but don’t want to apologize first.

Overall, the episode ends on a sad note, however, there are hopes of having the duo of Rebecca and Paula back at it again in the future. For now, we wait until the mid-season break is over.

Overall Grade: B+

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend returns with brand-new episodes in 2017


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  1. I love this new season, and i can hold not to read about it. XD I like the main character, i love her!
    But in real life its not the same, sometimes for me its hard to find soulmate. I have tried on transgender date and it was great, but in real life a had a lot of problems, just because i prefer “different” kind of partner. Is it so hard to be unique in this word today?

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