Channel Spotlight: VerveGirl TV

Kaycee Hendricks ’15 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

The Quick Facts

Name: VerveGirl TV

Channel Name: VervegirlMagazine

New Videos: Tuesday and Thursday

Twitter: @vervegirlmag and @carmillaseries

Verve Girl Magazine launched in Canada in 2006 as a platform to engage young women in all the different areas of life such as health, entertainment, beauty, and career. In 2013 they expanded their model and started making online content for YouTube. Since then their videos have been gaining more attention as they broaden their content output.

They started off with a segment called “Mirror in the Bathroom” where they would interview various celebrities as they talked about what they carry around daily in their bags or purses. All of this is done in a bathroom and filmed through the reflection of the mirror. Fresh and innovative, this was a captivating way for audiences to watch interviews with some of their favorite artists – the likes of Shay Mitchell, R5, and Taylor Swift – just to name a few.

However, what really is catching attention for this channel is a web series called “Carmilla” that hit the Internet at the end of summer 2014. The story follows a girl named Laura in her freshman year at “Silas University”. When one day her roommate doesn’t come back from a night of partying, Laura makes it her mission to find out what happened to her. In the meantime, a broody new roommate moves in named Carmilla and the mystery only gets stranger.

The story is based off of a gothic novella by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu that was published in 1891 (about 25 years before Dracula), about a young girl that gets seduced by a female vampire named Carmilla. If you think that just gave away the major plot twist, think again. The web series puts a great modern spin on the story that gets better with every single video. They have a fairly high production value, and it is only filmed from one camera angle in the same vein as vlogging. With strong female characters and a positive LGBTQ message, it is no surprise that this series caught the attention of Tumblr users, who are bringing new viewers to the show every week.

There is no doubt that Carmilla will gain more attention as it goes on so if you are a fan of fresh innovative new webseries, interviews with celebrities, or makeup tutorials you must check out VerveGirl TV.


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