You Blew It! and Company Rock The Sinclair

Bobby Wieder ‘19 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

On Tuesday, February 28th, The Sinclair venue was taken over by Orlando punk band You Blew It! with pop rock group All Get Out and emo group Free Throw.

Nashville natives Free Throw took the stage first, opening with the first track off their 2014 album These Days Are Gone. The song “Such Luck” started off vocally soft with only a clean guitar filling the air before hitting the halfway mark and showing off the loud vocal and instrumental grit the band often shows. Free Throw spoke about an album they have coming out later this year and even played a song from it. The sneak peek revealed a song that was very wordy in comparison to past releases. Free Throw songs don’t typically have very long verses but this one had singing throughout. Closing with their hit “Two Beers In“, lead singer Corey Castro threw up his middle finger while he belted out the seemingly vengeful line: “F— everything about him.”

Next up were South Carolina natives All Get Out. Opening up with their song “My Friends”, the group jumped all over the stage and aggressively stomped on their effects pedals. This energetic attitude didn’t stop as they followed with the meteoric songs “Room to Talk” and “Home” off their most recent release Nobody Likes a Quitter. After that, they played their fast and fierce hit “The Season.” The set only slowed down for a cover of “Portion For Foxes” by Rilo Kiley. Closing out their set with the song “ATX”, drummer Matt Prince poured out a little bit of water onto his cymbal and watched it disperse as the tempo picked up. With a set packed full of swiftly paced guitar jams, All Get Out plays with an attitude and energy that their recordings just don’t do justice.

Finally, You Blew It! took the stage. Last fall the punks were in Boston as an opening act for Taking Back Sunday. Returning on their headlining tour, they were given the chance to play a much more extensive set. The band talked about how, on some of the earliest tours they went on, they played in empty living rooms. On these tours, when they were exhausted and homesick, the turnout and enthusiasm of the Boston shows filled them with confidence. The band also expressed their love for The Sinclair as a venue, calling it one of their favorites in the country for both the kindness of their staff and the sound quality. The set was jam packed with older material like “Match and Tinder” and “Terry v. Tori” as well as songs from their recent album, Abendrot.

The band played with a refreshing sense of confidence: not only were they capable of headlining a tour but they were thoroughly enjoying themselves as they did it. Showing toothy smiles during songs, and sucking down beers during breaks, the band looked like they could’ve played all night. At the end of the night lead singer Tanner Jones returned to the stage by himself. He talked about how the band usually doesn’t come back on for encores but that he was so filled with confidence he could make an exception. Performing solo, he played one of the band’s earlier hits “The Fifties” and sent long time fans home happy.


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