Wildcat! Wildcat! Has a New Album Out!

David Weiner ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer


I felt the exclamation point at the end of the first sentence was appropriate. The opening line looks like the headline for an old-timey paper slung by a capped news boy and that’s because Wildcat’s release of their new album No Moon At All is a big deal.

The group’s self-titled EP led them to performances with Alt-J and write-ups in Time and Nylon magazine. Wildcat’s poppy single, “Mr. Quiche” gave the indie pop music scene a taste of what was in store.

Formed just two years ago, Wildcat! Wildcat! is starting to make big moves and those big moves are getting recognized. The new album which released in August by Downtown Records was co-produced by Morgan Kibby of M83 and has received great reviews.

The album hosts an array of open tech synths, driving beats and light breathy vocals. “Hero” fronts the album as a heavier hitting single. If you ever feel the urge to drive at night down a winding low lit road, this album should be your soundtrack. You’ll feel exactly like Ryan Gosling with your intense gaze and steering wheel gripped tight.

Other songs like “Up & Beyond” beckon listeners ditch their Gosling car on the side of that dimly lit road and run down a white sanded beach as the sun comes up.

Catch Wildcat! Wildcat! at Great Scott in Allston tonight and purchase their well-versed new album on iTunes.


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