What’s New in Neptune? ‘Veronica Mars’ Does It Again

Olivia O’Neil ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Kristen Bell in Veronica Mars. Photo Credit: Robert Voets/Warner Bros.
Kristen Bell in Veronica Mars. Photo Credit: Robert Voets/Warner Bros.

The newest installment of Veronica Mars has everything a marshmallow could want. There are quip remarks, jazz hands, puppies, and a lot of love. Mr. Kiss and Tell takes place a few months after the first book. Logan is back, Weevil’s case has finally gone to trial, and Veronica once again has a mystery to solve. She is faced with the issues of rape and police corruption, two things that have been very prominent in today’s news. Rob Thomas did a great job of making the story relevant to today while also capturing the original voice of the show.

As a fan, this book is a gift. There are stories that were left untouched, and gaps yet to be filled that this story addresses. Mac’s relationship with her biological family is addressed, and despite not speaking with them in nearly a decade she does occasionally hack their accounts and see what they are up to. It is also explained what Logan has been up to since Veronica left Hearst and stopped speaking to him. The story of how he became a naval officer is also revealed in a heartbreaking moment between him and Veronica.

The best thing about the Veronica Mars books is that each one is like a whole new season of the show. It is not just one story line about Veronica single-mindedly solving a case. There are so many other things, very important things, happening in this book. Characters that tend to not get too much screen time have a chance to shine in this book. Readers are given an inside look to Keith Mars’ past and what it was like for him growing up in Neptune. Most importantly though, readers are able to see what happens with Logan and Veronica when they are in an adult relationship. How do those two function without the constant drama pulling them apart? Are they able to move forward, or do they find that without the drama they do not work?

The thing that fans need to keep in mind while reading this book is that Veronica is no longer the teenage girl who no one takes seriously. After her last two big cases she has actually gotten some recognition for her skill and she is starting to realize that she is on the other side of the young generation. It is interesting to see her deal with things she has not faced in years. There are things that she now handles differently now that she has some more experience under her belt, but there are things that she handles exactly as expected, patterns she still cannot seem to break. The addiction theme from the movie is still present in the books. Now that Logan is back, will she even have time to spend with him while she is working a case? When a friend disagrees with her to protect people they love can she understand? And when she comes across a case she has a personal tie to, can she make clear judgments, or does she let her emotions cloud them? This story brings up a lot of old issues for Veronica, and it is truly difficult to put down the book for even a minute.

This novel does contain triggers, as some of the depictions of rape are quite graphic.

*An earlier version of this article did not include the novel’s name Mr. Kiss and Tell. 


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