Opinion: What a Waste of a Lovely Night – Why La La Land Deserved to Win

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  1. Fabio Schapiro says:

    Political correctness is ruining cinema

  2. Film-guy says:

    Ya, how about no. Moonlight was a beautiful, dramatic film about a man in two minority groups that told an amazing story. Stop calling it inferior, that really ticks me off. What a privileged viewpoint this author is able to take. We didn’t need a white protagonist saving jazz. Why not, ya know, a black protagonist, instead of coopting a black art form as something for a white man to so valiantly save. Don’t worry, the right film DID walk out with trophy for best picture.

  3. KTrain says:

    Valid points in this article. Moonlight was a wonderful, thought-provoking film with incredible performances and an exceptional story to be told but it was not the thoroughly delightful cinematic experience that La La Land was. In this case, the award, remember, is given after a popularity contest is played out among a bunch of studio elitists, “the academy”, a group that wants a message to be sent home with each trophy. Like we’ve seen many times before, rejected was what the moviegoers chose, even when it earned its place among critics and elitists, but instead those in the academy chose to deliver a message. Moonlight will pass away into the canon of footnotes, unlike La La Land which will be remembered in clarity by moviegoers everywhere.

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