Why You Should Be Watching ‘Bob’s Burgers’

Maddie Crichton ’17 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Still from the Bob's Burgers episode "Forting Around." Photo Credit: FOX.
Still from the Bob’s Burgers episode “Forting Around.” Photo Credit: FOX.

Lately, animated sitcoms have earned the reputation of being childish, unsophisticated, or only funny to middle school boys. Bob’s Burgers, however, proves all of those stereotypes to be completely false.

The show follows the strange, slightly dysfunctional, but always funny Belcher family as well as the restaurant they own and live above. Bob is the deadpan yet surprisingly emotional father and the head chef at the restaurant, cleverly titled Bob’s Burgers. Linda is his loving wife, who always has a new idea to share or song to sing. Together, the two have three out of the ordinary children: Tina, Gene, and Louise, who usually steal the spotlight in every episode. Tina is a thirteen-year-old who always finds herself falling in love with a new boy or struggling to control a new romantic or sexual desire. Gene is an eleven-year-old who likes wearing his keyboard around his neck and adds a sassy voice to the family. Lastly is Louise, who may be one of the most unique characters on television today. At nine years old, she wears pink bunny ears every day, is very aggressive, very sadistic, a little violent, and borderline satanic, in the most endearing and creative way.

Still from the Bob's Burgers episode "A River Runs Through Bob." Photo Credit: FOX.
Still from the Bob’s Burgers episode “A River Runs Through Bob.” Photo Credit: FOX.

This hodgepodge of dynamic characters is the glue of the show. The characters are what make it so easy to binge-watch an entire season in just one day. Together, their banter is lively and full of countless one-liners. The humor in the show is sharp and witty, and every plot line is clearly thought out. Each episode ends wrapped in a bow, but avoids being cliché or cheesy.

What makes Bob’s Burgers stand out from other adult cartoons is the way the characters are treated as social beings. Not a single member of the Belcher family fits neatly into the gender binary. Tina is allowed to freely explore her sexuality and curiosities, which is something that young female characters on TV do not often get the chance to do. Gene expresses in almost every episode that he feels empowered by doing things that are often considered too feminine for a boy to do. Louise’s demonic ways are something that is typically only associated with male characters.

Still from the Bob's Burgers episode "Equestranauts." Photo Credit: FOX.
Still from the Bob’s Burgers episode “Equestranauts.” Photo Credit: FOX.

More popular animated series like The Simpsons and Family Guy have already developed their tone and audience, but despite its Emmy win, Bob’s Burgers is still just starting to get attention. The fans who watch the show are loyal and excited, but the show has yet to work its way into the mainstream.

If you are looking for a clever laugh-out-loud show to watch this fall, look no further. Start binge-watching it now, so that you can watch the season five premiere on October 5th on FOX.


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