Until The Ribbon Breaks Wows in Concert

Anna Marketti ’17 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Until The Ribbon Breaks in concert. Photo Credit: Adam Reynoso / Emertainment Monthly.
Until The Ribbon Breaks in concert. Photo Credit: Adam Reynoso / Emertainment Monthly.

All of Cambridge broke out into a dance party this weekend: at least those lucky enough to be at the Sinclair to see Until The Ribbon Breaks.

The band opened up with a bass heavy jam, radiating chill vibes a la James Blake throughout the room. They segued into “Perspective,” a dance-worthy tune featuring steady synth beats and a chorus of percussion to back vocalist Pete Lawrie’s modulated vocals.

Each band member had a synth pad to beat out different sound bites, backed by a wild, windmill-armed drummer. They kicked things up with “Pressure,” making the very floor of the Sinclair shake beneath the audience’s feet. Faint piano played under the energetic percussive rhythm. The song climaxes at a heavy percussion break then sinks back down into the steady, chill groove with which it began.

What was particularly eye-catching was the use of media. On a projector screen behind them, a reel of movies played along to their songs. Paired with their song “Romeo” was Romeo + Juliet, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. They utilized the media seamlessly with each song, integrating lyrics across the screen.

To everyone’s surprise, Lawrie whipped out a trumpet at one point and began blaring a riff equivalent to a guitar solo. The band’s set was short but brought so much energy into the room. Their songs are akin to spoken word poetry, but in a more melodic fashion. They unite a multitude of genres into one all their own, and they own it.

Emertainment Monthly stepped outside with the band following their set, watching as Pete and drummer Elliot Wall blew smoke in each other’s faces.

They were lighthearted guys who made jokes throughout the interview, but always offered insightful answers to each question.

Entertainment Monthly: What drew you to this particular genre of music?

Pete Lawrie: I like to think that there is no particular genre, which is what forms the whole concept for the band. Until The Ribbon Breaks is sort of born out of wanting to make a mix tape.

How did you get started as a band?

I was writing and producing for other people and found myself writing things for people I didn’t even like. I decided I wasn’t a spring chicken anymore. I wanted to put something into the world that’s just like, “I did that,” which then turned into: “we did that.”

What about live music is important to you?

Elliot Wall: Seeing people’s faces, when they light up, when we play live, that’s what does it for me. It’s seeing people’s faces light up when you’re doing your work; there’s no job out there that’s like that.

Can you talk a little about the synth pads you were playing on during your set?

EW: It’s all technology and fun toys, basically. But that’s what makes the live experience so exciting. You can rip apart the record and take small slices of sound.

PL: We get to play with toys! We get to be little kids!

Have any of the artists you’ve toured with affected you or your sound in any way?

PL: No, not really, I think we do our own thing.

EW: I learned a lot from Lorde’s drummer when we toured with her.

What are your plans in the future?

We plan to tour and record more and hope to continue to grow as artists.

Pete, what’s the story behind this tattoo on your arm of the large bronze coin reading “f— knows?”

It comes from how Elliot and I would decide whether or not to travel somewhere. Elliot would ask me whether we should go, and I’d reply “f— knows” which eventually led to us flipping a coin.

If you like the sound of artists such as James Blake, Phantogram, or Toro Y Moi, then Until The Ribbon Breaks will probably tickle your fancy. Until The Ribbon Breaks is a group of easygoing, music-loving guys who enjoy the process of creating songs. They feature chill grooves that will have you dancing.

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