Twin Peaks Explore New Sounds And Styles On Wild Onion

Photo by Pooneh Ghana

Anna Cieslik ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Editor

Chicago’s Twin Peaks might just be the new darlings of the rock world. Their lo-fi, laidback Midwest sound is undeniably catchy and while they can’t even legally drink yet, the band has developed a sound that is well beyond their collective years. Twin Peaks’ perfect combination of youthful liveliness and finely crafted musicianship makes it hard to deny their catchiness.

With the release of their new album, Wild Onion, Twin Peaks prove once and for all they are more than just a buzz band. The album is jam packed with 16 songs that sample a wide range of sounds and styles. Tracks like “Strawberry Smoothie” and “Flavor” are defined by their driving rhythms, buzzy guitar riffs, and screeching vocals that are sure to please fans of King Tuff and the like. However, “Ordinary People” and “Mirror Of Time” (among others) offer listeners a departure into a more melodic side of the band that hasn’t been seen much before. At times, it almost feels as though there’s too much of a divide between Twin Peaks’ seemingly opposing directions on Wild Onion. But it ultimately works insomuch as it perfectly showcases what the band is capable of now and in the future.

As the sound of Twin Peaks might suggest, the band’s live show is ridiculously rowdy in the best way possible; it’s like a basement show kicked into high gear with plenty of screaming, singing, and thrashing onstage and in the audience. Thankfully, the band will be stopping by in Boston this Tuesday at Allston’s Great Scott for a show with The Lemons. Keeping with the basement show vibes, tickets are only 10 dollars. So skip that overpriced latte before work on Tuesday and get energized with some awesome music that’s sure to leave you feeling great!



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