Top 5 Moments of Workaholics: "Orgazmo Birth"

Kelsey Scholl ’17 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Anders Holm, Adam DeVine and Blake Anderson in Workaholics. Photo Courtesy of
Anders Holm, Adam DeVine and Blake Anderson in Workaholics. Photo Courtesy of


Workaholics came back with a bang on Wednesday with the premiere of the fourth season. The episode “Orgazmo Birth” featured the raunchy, inappropriate, and drugged out boys that we all love, co-creators Anders Holm, Adam Devine, Blake Anderson along with director, co-creator and writer Kyle Newacheck.

The guys attempt to make it to an EDM festival with their co-worker, Montez, but Montez’s wife creates somewhat of an obstacle they need to face before raving. For those of you who did tune into Comedy Central to watch the premiere, I can assume you all were laughing until your stomach hurt. These next five moments of the episode were the ones that would leave you gasping for air while watching.

1. The Popsicle Blow.
Karl, the guys’ drug dealer, brings over some “party supplies” for the rave. Karl is not a traditional drug dealer though. Instead of selling the guys drugs, he makes a “fair trade”: a bag of Molly, for…Blake’s half eaten popsicle. But of course Blake can’t just give him the popsicle, he feeds it to Karl. Of course Karl can’t just hold it with his mouth, he decides to suck it. That’s just them being them but it was downright hysterical to watch.

Watch this clip to see the unusual deal go down:

2.The majority of things that came out of Adam’s mouth during the course of the episode.
Most things that come out of Adam DeMamp’s mouth either don’t make sense, are extremely vulgar, or are just too weird to even comprehend. Skip ahead to number 5 on this list (my personal favorite part of the episode and definitely the best thing that Adam said during it) but these next 2 quotes round off the top three best things that came out of his mouth during “Orgazmo Birth”.
In regards to why he needs to keep his “dancer body” fit, Adam blabbers to Anders, ”…it gets pretty wild man. It gets wild ‘cause all this energy gets tossed around. You’re gonna throw it over here then you gotta catch it and then you swallow it like a little seed and now it’s in your belly, now it’s in your belly and then you..pleughhhh…and then you blossom like a little energy flower.” This weird mess of Adam logic is definitely one for the books.
This next Adam quote occurs in a conversation between the guys after finding out that Montez can’t go to the rave to get the tickets due to his wife’s baby shower:
“And I was gonna have a natural dance body that was gonna be shown off. I was planting seeds that was gonna exute energy and you know, have my flower bloom but his stupid baby ruined it! Stupid baby, I hate babies. (now crying) IT’S NOT FAIRRRR.”
Of course Adam can’t keep his bizarre little thought to himself…ever…and if you know Adam, you know that this is exactly the type of unfiltered thought that comes from him. He has no differentiation between right and wrong.

3. Tripping at the Baby Shower
In an attempt to get Montez away from the baby shower and to the EDM festival, Ders, Blake, and Adam pretend to be the “Fiesta Boys/the Party Police”. Blake makes the drinks, but someone dilutes his extremely strong Rancho Cucamonga Skinny Girl Mojitos. Little did they know, the jug of “juice” mixed in was actually Blake’s “Molly Water” and that now everyone is rolling. Not only was the direction and effects of this scene well done, it was also very comedically entertaining. Old women have their tops off, Adam is insanely dancing, and even Montez is rolling hard. Adam starts grinding all over Colleen, Montez’s wife, and straddles her upside down, causing her water to break…on Adam’s face. This is definitely the climax of this scene. Adam’s hysterical belligerent screaming after having baby water squirted all over his face is complete comedic gold. The climax definitely makes the scene, but the entire thing is a great trip.

The clip below shows this intense rave scene.

4. Turn Around Ders!
So Montez knocks himself out by falling over a table, therefore the guys need to take Colleen to the birthing center. On the way, they call for a dude meeting and Blake and Adam convince Ders to turn the car around and go to the EDM festival so they can rave. Their plan is to just let Colleen give birth there. But then, Colleen threatens to kill Anders if he doesn’t head for the hospital. The funny part of this scene is what Blake and Adam say to Ders to convince him to go to the EDM festival. I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen the episode, but I will say that it is amazing how easily Blake and Adam can convince Ders with just simple things like sextacy on ecstasy.

5. The Little Prince
Instead of heading to the birthing center, the guys bring Colleen to the local gym pool to give birth. They end up in the pool with her trying to help her have an “Orgasmic Water Birth”. This requires them to do some things most would consider uncomfortable. Luckily for Colleen, Montez wakes up from his drugged slumber and lets the guys sit back and watch the beautiful process of childbirth. Once the baby is born, it is Adam of all people that swims underwater and grabs the newborn. He rises from the water holding the baby, nearly crying, and patting the kid blubbering “It’s like a sweet little prince! I want oneeee. Oh my god, it’s so prettyyyy,” while making one of his gorgeous Adam faces. This scene is the best of the entire episode, without a doubt, and the best thing Adam said during the entire episode.

This first episode of the fourth season definitely set a positive tone for the rest of it. I expect to see even more bizarre, vulgar, inappropriate and just plain hysterical things to come. With a fifth season already in the works, and despite the critics, there’s no doubt that Adam, Blake, and Anders will be around for a long time on Comedy Central. They’ll be back next week though with a new episode titled “Fry Guys.”

Watch the episode highlights to see all of the top five funniest moments.


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