The Top Ten Marriage Proposals

Sarah Spiers ‘17 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Maybe you have a special someone in mind, maybe you’re a sucker for love. Here are ten great proposal videos sure to get some tears flowing.

10. Ladies in Love

Featured on HowHeAsked.com, this video has no boys at all. Emma surprises her bride-to-be “T” with a rather bittersweet proposal including family and friends. You might need a tissue when you finish this one.

9. Home Depot Dance

Who says marriage proposals have to be one hundred percent serious? While it is yet another dance mob video, the fact that it takes place in Home Depot is hilarious. Even the groom-to-be is taking pictures.

8. A Trick Proposal

Sometimes the best proposals are ones where you had the ring all along. Here, the groom not only tricks his future bride once, but twice. What appears to be months of planning all comes together in this charming video.

7. Major Heart Warmer

Dancing aside, it’s always fun when bands are involved with marriage proposals. Watch this future bride become overwhelmed with emotions when she sees her husband-to-be appear in the snazziest marching band suit ever. Band geeks, this one is for you.

6. A Capella Sweethearts

What better way to charm your sweetheart by bringing her to your alma mater’s a capella program? In this video, one USC alumni prepares a special surprise for his future wife. There’s a lot of singing, a little bit of dancing, and a choir. What else could you want?

5. Too Much or Too Cute?

Some proposals are spur of the moment and some are elaborately planned. This one is the latter. In fact, this proposal starts with a “prank” that escalates into something beautiful and charming. Over the top? Definitely. But the smile on the woman’s face at the end of the video says everything is going to be okay.

4. Neverland

This proposal video proves that childhood dreams can come true. The boyfriend of this Peter-Pan loving lady takes her adoration of one of her childhood heroes to a whole new level. Even the mother is swept off her feet in this one.

3. Dancing Juice

If there’s anything people seem to love, it’s dancing. In this crazy proposal video, a future groom enlists the help of a bunch of dancers and a driver? One of the highlights, however, has to be the boyfriend’s interpretation of the lyrics “Or is it the dancing juice?” You’ll see what I mean.

2. Making the Movies Jealous

Beware future fiances, this video has over thirty three million views on YouTube for a reason. Instead of hiring dozens of dancers for a dance mob or taking his beauty to an exotic location, this future groom-to-be, Matt, decides to enlist the help of a local movie theater to create an experience his girlfriend is sure to remember. Not only does Matt get a resounding yes, but he also has raised the bar for all future proposers.

1. I Just Met You on Facebook!

This one is dedicated to all of you with a little mean streak…


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