The Top Ten Most Underrated Disney Films

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  1. Completely agree about Hunchback! Emperor’s New Groove is highly entertaining, too, and Yzma and Kronk are two of my favorite Disney characters. But I definitely think Sleeping Beauty deserves it’s praise: It’s really an “art movie”, much like Fantasia, and features some of the most stunning visuals ever in a Disney film. Many regard Maleficent as the best villain of all time, the Fairies are iconic, and (truth be told) Prince Phillip is one of only three Disney princes who actually kills their villain (the others being Eric and, if you count it, Flynn, though Pascal does the heavy lifting). But maybe I’m just biased because it’s one of my personal favorites…!

  2. Tiffany Sullivan says:

    For sure agree! So many are lost in the shadows. :(

  3. Lorraine says:

    I love Robin Hood!

  4. Dakota says:

    Brother Bear was definitely great.

    No Oliver and Company? That’s my favorite underrated Disney movie. Love the soundtrack too.

  5. Fish soup says:

    I definitely agree on Hunchback and Mouse Detective but not so much on the others. Some of them I haven’t seen but Robin Hood and Black Cauldron never really did anything for me.

    Cauldron would be roughly on par with Hunchback IMO if Tarran wasn’t so annoying. Everything from his voice to his constant boasting just really grates on me. I get that the writers were trying to build him up as a naive guy that was full of himself but eventually learned some humility but since that doesn’t happen until the tail end of the movie it’s too little too late for me. Gurgy is pretty fun though.

    Robin Hood is just OK in my opinion. Prince John is a fun but ultimately underwhelming villain that comes across more as a comedic villain sidekick like the hyenas from The Lion King instead of the movie’s big bad. What really kills the movie for me is the songs though. Oodaly, Phoney King of England,and Not in Nottingham are all forgettable and rather pointless since they don’t advance the story and I hated the song Love even when I was a kid. I’m a huge fan of Disney love songs but that song is positively vomit inducing.

    I wouldn’t call any of them awful like Pocahontas or *shudder* Hunchback 2 but none of them are great either.

  6. shayne says:

    Brother bear was a great movie. Disney in the early 200’s to me wasn’t that bad it wasn’t until the mids it turned crappy.

  7. Mckenna says:

    OMG I totally agree! I have to admit to being quite the disnerd myself, and while I’ve watched movies like the little mermaid and all those, I never found that they had as much depth, meaning, or interest than the lesser-known movies. Treasure planet is my absaloute favorite, and I only just discovered it through netflix a few months ago ;-;

  8. Lexi says:

    Atlantis is my favorite animated Disney movie… :| Otherwise, great list!

  9. Cornelia says:

    You forgot THE LOST ATLANTIS! Hands down one of the best and most underrated Disney movies!
    (Let’s pretend the sequel never happened though)

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