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‘Teen Wolf’ Unveils Final Season Trailer Ahead of NYCC

Nora Dominick ’17/ Emertainment Monthly Executive Stage Editor

It’s time to say farewell. Just ahead of Teen Wolf heading to New York Comic Con for the final time, the hit TV shows dropped a monumental final season trailer.

For fans wondering how Teen Wolf will address Dylan O’Brien’s absence this season, some clues were finally revealed. O’Brien was injured while filming the latest film in The Maze Runner franchise earlier this year.

The trailer focuses on Stiles (O’Brien) begging Lydia (Holland Roden) not to forget him before he is swept into darkness. Not only will Lydia be struggling to remember Stiles it seems the entire pack will also forget him. Cue the sobs.

The heartbreak doesn’t stop there. The bromance between Stiles and Scott (Tyler Posey) is at the core of the season. In the trailer, Scott asks why he needs to remember Stiles. Stiles replies in the most heartbreaking way saying, “You are my best friend. You’re my brother.”

If that isn’t enough towards the end of the trailer Stiles utters the very words “Stydia” fans have been waiting for, “I love you.” Teen Wolf is already making a splash in its final season and it’s just through trailers.

Teen Wolf’s final season is definitely a homage to devoted, long time fans and we are ready tor strap in for a wild, heartbreaking ride.

Check out the full trailer now!

Teen Wolf Season 6 premieres November 15th, 2016 on MTV


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