‘Teen Wolf’ Review/Recap: “Relics”

Sabrina Petrafesa ’18 / Emertainment Monthly Executive Publisher

This week in “Relics,” Lydia obsessively tries to search for a relic Stiles left behind and almost everyone gets taken because Liam screwed up last episode.

Lydia (Holland Roden) seems like the only person who is on the search for Stiles (Dylan O’Brien). Maybe it’s because she’s the only one who can. Her Banshee powers seem to extend farther than just death to people who are missing from their reality. She can sense Stiles is missing and keeps having visions of random people telling her ominous things. One possibility for these strange visions could be that they’re people who the Ghost Riders have taken in the past.

In a not so surprising assumption, Claudia Stilinski (Joey Honsa) is not real. At least the Claudia Stilinski that we were introduced to in this season is not real. Maybe she’s a Ghost Rider in disguise to stop the pack from unraveling their plans. When Lydia tried to peel back the wallpaper in the Stilinski home she grabbed Lydia’s arm and yelled at her. The whole scene with Lydia in the Stilinski’s house was uncomfortable. Claudia was hovering and the music was an obvious tip off that she is sketchy. It’s confirmed even further when Lydia and her mom get Melissa – the true MVP of this whole show – to show them Claudia’s medical records. She still was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia but is still alive which is impossible. The real Claudia Stilinski could not be alive, but here she is walking and talking and preventing Lydia from finding the truth.

Liam’s (Dylan Sprayberry) attempt to become the alpha of the pack is both hysterical and rough to watch. Liam is not a natural leader the way Scott (Tyler Posey) is. His anger still gets the better of him and he follows Scott around like the beta puppy dog he is. Every move he made in the last two episodes resulted in disaster. Clearly he has a lot to learn about being in charge especially since it seems like his friends are the ones with all the ideas and not Liam. Ending the episode on the ridiculous notion that the newbie pack members will be able to catch a Ghost Rider will surely end fantastically because this is Teen Wolf and who are we kidding? Seriously under qualified people succeed at doing difficult stuff like this all the time.

Tyler Posey and the cast of Teen Wolf in the episode "Relics." Photo Credit: MTV
Tyler Posey and the cast of Teen Wolf in the episode “Relics.” Photo Credit: MTV

Truly the only exciting thing about this episode was the last shot on Stiles blue jeep. The car is his relic. Which is so exciting because the pack is going to have to notice the jeep eventually. However, the Jeep seems like such a ridiculous thing that the Ghost Riders left behind. How could they forget to take the car of the person who they took? A car that they obsessively care for and is so huge is not something you just forget about. Maybe it was because Lydia was in the car with him when the Ghost Riders took Stiles, but it kind of just doesn’t make sense.

Next week should be the return of Stiles and after this episode we’re probably going to see where the Ghost Riders have been keeping all these people who they’ve taken. The next episode will hopefully be exciting.

Overall Grade: B

Teen Wolf airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on MTV


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