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Streamy Award's New Take on Presenting Nominees

Courtney Accocella ‘17 / Emertainment Monthly Assistant Web Editor

Kandee Johnson as iiSuperwomanii. Source: VH1


The Streamys is definitely not your average award show! The introduction to all of your favorite nominees was just as unique. Rather than just showing highlights of each channel as past years had done, the Streamys took advantage of the creator talents. Intros were made by popular Tubers and featured their talents and their fellow nominated creators! Take a look at our top five YouTuber category intros!


5. Kid President

Kid President is our favorite motivational speaker, and he made the nominees feel just as special! #KidPresident2020

4. Shaytards

Shay is our new beauty icon!

3. Most Popular Girls in School

Your favorite popular girls decided to take a second out, or not, of their busy day to celebrate the nominees! No need to leave the bathroom to share in the fun!

2. Chester See

Chester See did a phenomenal job incorporating each of the Kids and Family nominees to an awesome song! An absolute highlight of the night!

1.Kandee Johnson

Kandee’s introduction was insane as she literally made herself into the stars that were nominated! She is incredibly talented and she definitely showcased that!


Check out our list of all of this years winners of the live stream event!Also make sure to see whose awards didn’t make the show!



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