Executive Staff Members

President: Sabrina Petrafesa

Executive Editor: Laina Swatek

Executive Director of Programming: Chris Henderson-West

Executive Copy Editor: Caitlin Muchow

Executive Marketing Officer: Ben Zacuto


Editorial Staff Members

Executive Film Editor: Wyatt Muma

Assistant Film Editors: Victoria Stuewe, Ben Zacuto

Executive Television Editor: Madison Gallup

Assistant Television Editors: Erin Graham and Spencer Wright

Executive Music Editors: Anna Marketti and Jacob Cutler

Assistant Music Editor: Keely Chisholm

Executive Web Editor: Law Jia-Yun

Assistant Web Editor: Hannah Ebanks

Executive Video Games Editor: Ben Sherry

Assistant Video Games Editor: Nicole Smith

Executive Stage Editor: Bridget McCarthy

Assistant Stage Editor: Jess Guida, Mel Pratt

Executive Books Editor: Caitlin Muchow

Assistant Books Editor: Shadin Al-Dossari

Executive Comic Books Editor: Jonah Puskar

Emertainment Monthly‘s graphic design was created by Jo Wylie.

Emertainment Monthly was founded by Shannon O’Connor.

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  1. Beth O'Connor says:

    Love Emertainment Monthly! I love the reviews from film and TV to books,video games and music! The articles are interesting and current and really well written! Keep up the fabulous work!

  2. Carol Dannenfelser says:

    I am fully emertained by this magazine!! You guys are great – love the excellent reviews and great writing!

  3. Really enjoyed the movie review of Side Effects. It helps me determine whether or not to view this film. Thanks!

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