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Spend Your Halloween With ‘Reincarnation’

Gilesa Thomas ’18 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

If you’re looking to kill 20 minutes and for a game that fits the Halloween spirit, any of the Reincarnation games by BgroupProductions is for you. It’s a short but addictive game. There are currently only 13 games that have been released in the series. You start the game as a demon whose main mission is to help Luke bring back those who have escaped Hell through the reincarny portal. Reincarnation: A Demons Day Out (ADDO) is the best game to start off with not only because it’s the first game in the series but also because it provides the entire back story of the game. Its opening scene is a grand speech from Luke explaining the entire purpose of reincarnies. It gives a good insight to the type of dynamic of its world. Most games have a universe that’s its audience generally wants to gravitate into, however this is not one of those games. It is nice however to have the idea that somewhere out there, there is a demon sending secretly murderous people back to Hell.

The characters for this game were created perfectly. There are three main characters to be aware of in every reincarnation game; Luke, the demon, and the reincarny. The games are meant to be short, so there is no real time for character development. But even for the short period time that you are exposed to the characters you will a good sense of who they are, at the very least they will make an unforgettable impression. “I’m going to make a fortune selling these kids on the black market” is one of the tamer, yet memorable, reincarny quotes. The script for this game is really well written. Most point and click games are not that engaging, or just lack the means to keep the player interested. Other than the objective point, click games do not give any motivation to keep playing the game. Reincarnation, on the other hand, keeps its audience engaged by its saturation of sarcastic comments. It is full of one liners of like, “Drunk and soul searching. I see a lifetime movie in my future”.

Reincarnation is extremely easy to adapt to. It’s a simple point and click game, making the controls and navigation really easy. That being said, it is puzzle game, so the game play itself is not as easy. It does require some thinking and can get challenging at points; but it is doable. It’s not a brain breaking puzzle game, most of the time it just requires you to pause and think. Paying attention to the comments made by the demon should also help getting through the game without a walkthrough. If at all you get extremely stuck, it is most likely because you are not clicking exactly where you are supposed to.

One of the perks of Reincarnation being a flash game is that it does not require an over the top gaming computer. The game runs smoothly and quickly. The main problem it has lies within the earlier games where if you are not completely accurate with where you click you will not make any progress. This was fixed in the later released games.  Another downfall is that you cannot play Reincarnation from BgroupProductions’s website. You will have to use a secondary game websites such as kongregate.com or newgrounds.com. Both websites have all the released games and achievements you can earn, choosing one comes down more to personal preference.

Reincarnation is not in the horror genre however it most definitely has that Halloween feel to it. Once you enter the game there is a different type of atmosphere than other point and click games. You can sense the evil that is soon to come (and will end up over using evil as an adjective). Primarily the games are either set at night or they begin in Hell. The music helps set the mood to a more spooky and ominous feeling. More times than none they will show the deceased victims but the game has semi-simplistic artwork so the images are never disturbing. None of the images go beyond a teen rating. This game receives an 8/10 because everything is done well for the category of game it is. The only thing holding this game back is its shortened length, a full version would make this game immensely better.

Final Grade: 8/10


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