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Shadow of the #BatmanChat: Exploring the Twitter Q&A

Phillip Morgan ‘18 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

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In the wake of the “Endgame” story arc that wbrapped up with issue #40 of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman, the status quo of the Batman’s World has been thrown almost completely off its hinges. Before you panic, no.  This does not include spoilers if you’re not fully caught up with the series yet (that’s what this is for), but for those of you who’ve been keeping up with Batman and are freaking out over that ending and how everything Batman-related is going to change post-Convergence, Snyder and Capullo have you covered. On May 1st, the DC Comics Twitter Page hosted #BatmanChat, a two-hour window in which anyone could tweet Snyder and Capullo directly using that hashtag and ask in what direction they’re headed with the Batman Mythos. Sometimes, they teased future developments; other times, Snyder and Capullo took the opportunity make lighthearted jabs at the fans’ uproar over the future of the franchise. Instead of simply recapping all the newsy bits from the discussion, here are some favorite excerpts from the #BatmanChat led by Batman’s current dynamic duo.


Pt. 1: Under the Cowl

As one of DC’s top creative teams, Snyder and Capullo constantly juggle meeting the growing expectations of the Bat-fans and satisfying their own artistic desires. It’s clear that there’s pressure from both sides to perform as the stakes keep rising.

Naturally, there’s a bit of a competitive edge to them.

But no matter what, they stick together, always sure to keep Batman close…

…drawing inspiration from those closest to them.

And while they may need some time apart once in a while,

wherever Snyder and Capullo are going, they’re in it for the long haul.


Pt. 2: Where in the World is Damian Wayne?

As most followers of Bat-news are aware, at the end of the “Robin Rises” story arc in Batman & Robin, Damian Wayne has just returned from the dead so hard he got superpowers for about a week. So where was he during “Endgame?”

Makes sense. And where is he now?

Damian is cool. Man-bats are cool. So logically, this should be pretty cool. Keep a lookout for Robin: Son of Batman featuring Patrick Gleason as both writer and artist once Convergence wraps up in June.


Part 3: Days of Future Bats

Now that they’ve finished turning Batman’s universe upside down, Snyder and Capullo are now free to reshape it as they see fit. It’s a whole new Bat-world, so who are they gonna have living in it? Well, several people tweeted wondering if they were planning on bringing fan-favorite Batgirl Cassandra Cain into the new continuity at any point. They had this to say.

While some were still fangirling over that, others wondered if they would see any more of Harper Row, Snyder’s own creation and new Bat Family member, Bluebird. Specifically, would readers ever get to see how exactly she became Bluebird? Well…

A second season of Batman Eternal sounds fantastic, but frankly, as long readers get to see more of Harper in some capacity, it should be fine. Then, of course, came the barrage of questions about the immediate Bat Family members and if their reactions would be addressed, but not just regarding what happens to Bruce. During the final battle for Gotham, Dick Grayson makes a surprise appearance in perhaps the coolest way possible, but the only problem with that is that to everyone but Batman, he’s supposed to be dead. What’s up with that?

Readers aren’t entirely sure how (or even if) Dick plans on covering his tracks here, but we doubt wiggling his arms and yelling, “WOOOOHHH I’M A GHOOOOST!” is going cut it. Also, it’s pretty safe to assume that the other Bat Family members would notice if one of their most beloved comrades suddenly appeared ten feet away from them in a Batsuit.


Part 4: Everybody Loves Alfred

As the Butler of Wayne Manor (who just happens to be a former British Special Forces Operative, Army Medic, Tech Operator, Philosophical Guru, and occasional Enabler of Disobedient Wards), Alfred Pennyworth has become one of the most beloved characters of the Batman Mythos, never failing to lighten Batman’s grim determination with witty remarks and always ready to lend a hand behind the scenes in the Batcave. He’s the heart of the Bat Family, the nougaty center holding them all together. So when Joker grievously injured him during his assault on the Batcave, a great number of fans voiced their concern for his fate post-Endgame. Snyder and Capullo responded as any compassionate human being would in that situation—trolling. Lots and lots of trolling.


And they were more than open to audience suggestions.

But perhaps the best of the gag tweets was the one that plunged nearly the whole Q&A into chaos. A joke so simple, so bizarre, so obviously deadpan, that it almost had everyone fooled. Almost.

Despite the idea sounding unquestionably awesome, most people figured out that it was a joke (except apparently everyone who commented on that tweet). But that didn’t stop one brave soul from giving us this glorious image.


Part 5: Oh Dear God, How Long Was Everyone on Twitter?

All in all, we’d say #BatmanChat was an enlightening experience. Readers learned intriguing new developments about the future of Snyder and Capullo’s Batman, got some hints at possible awesomeness to come, watched Alfred become an internet celebrity, and caught a brief glimpse into the dark, twisted minds tasked with writing DC’s number one series. Snyder and Capullo will return with Batman #41 on the heels of Convergence in June to begin the new story arc, “Superheavy.” In the meantime, be sure to tweet your thoughts on the new creative direction using the totally not misleading #AlfredIsTheNewNightwing. Until then, let’s part with this.




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