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SDCC 17: ‘Teen Wolf’ Star Cody Christian Discusses Impact Of The Series & What He’ll Take With Him

Nora Dominick ’17/ Emertainment Monthly Executive Editor

San Diego Comic Con 2017 was very much a love letter to MTV’s Teen Wolf. The hit series will begin its final run of 10 episodes on July 30, 2017. Teen Wolf has created a devoted fanbase that came out howling during the series final SDCC appearance last weekend. Teen Wolf star Cody Christian, who plays Theo, spent the weekend taking in everything Teen Wolf has accomplished in its six season run. While he only joined the cast in season five, Christian realizes the impact the series has had on so many fans, and looks to celebrate that leading into the final 10 episodes.

“It’s been a great experience so far, this Comic Con. It’s my third year, but there’s something special about this year. Something different.” Christian says while the series has been part of SDCC since the beginning, this one feels much different. It’s the end and everyone is realizing this. “I think it’s just the overall tone of the just the fans. You can really feel the love and respect and just this undertone of just appreciation in a way. Everybody knows they have to say goodbye and nobody wants to do it. It’s something special.”

At the Teen Wolf panel in Hall H, the cast got emotional saying goodbye to the series and fans, including Christian. The massive impact Teen Wolf has had on so many fans is never lost on the young actor. He reflects saying, “When you feel the feeling, it’s just hard not to smile to yourself like a chump. And just be like ‘I’m apart of something that means something to somebody.’ You had some sort of an impact on someone, whether it be large or miniscule. Regardless, as a creative or an artist, it’s beautiful. It’s what we do this for.”

Cody Christian has been looking at the fans at SDCC 2017 and just continuously filled with joy for what the MTV series has created: a community of people that will allow Teen Wolf to live on. He says it’s important to him that the show created something so important and special for this group of fans. He says, “Just to give back and to give something to someone that can hopefully inspire them and/or change their life in a way. I feel it’s that wave, that butterfly effect, it just keeps radiating.”

Cody Christian, Shelley Hennig and the cast of Teen Wolf at their final SDCC panel. Photo Credit: Nora Dominick

What’s continuing to boggle Christian’s mind is how much himself, his cast mates and fans have grown-up over Teen Wolf’s six season run. Everyone has grown-up alongside the show. Christian reflects saying, “The thought alone that some of our fans now will be 30 years old with children and being like, ‘Oh, I remember back when I was a kid, Teen Wolf.’ Like the way my parents talk about shows now. That’s crazy to me.” He continues saying, “And I just feel like with the passion that’s involved with Teen Wolf, the show is never done. The love will never dissipate. It’s just going to keep growing and keep spreading. That’s something special. I’m happy.”

Moving on to talking about his character of Theo, Cody Christian says he hopes to not take any of the characters of Theo with him because, as we all know, Theo’s a little bit of a psychopath. But, Christian will carry the experience of creating this character for the rest of his life. He says, “As an artist, this guy has been so much fun to play because I feel like every 10 episode block, there’s been another side of Theo.”

Diving into what fans can expect from Theo in the final ten episodes of Teen Wolf,  he says, “6B doesn’t disappoint. We get to dive deeper and get our hands dirty and figure out who is this guy. You see Theo defeated in a way. He’s this outsider.” Christian continues by saying that Theo is still searching for inclusion among Scott and his pack. He says, “[Theo’s] looking for that connection, that inclusion in the pack, and he doesn’t have it. It kind of pulls on the heartstrings of the audience, and really seeing this guy for who he is. I’m excited for that, in regards to 6B, but just the whole experience.”

Theo and Teen Wolf will always be with Christian, and as his final SDCC with Teen Wolf comes to an end, he has nothing but gratitude for the journey. He says, “The ride that I’ve been able to take, it’s been a blast. It’s been something so special. I know that wherever I go in my career, in the future, the significance will never go away for me, and I’m so thankful for this experience.”

Teen Wolf’s final season starts on July 30th on MTV


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