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SDCC 2016: ‘Teen Wolf’ Star Tyler Posey Discusses Where the Pack Stands in Season 6A, Producing, Directing & Much More

Nora Dominick ’17/ Emertainment Monthly Co-Executive Stage Editor

Tyler Posey has always been the heart and soul of Teen Wolf. Since beginning the show in 2011, Posey has grown up right before fans eyes. He has transformed the character of Scott from a down-on-his-luck high school student to a bonafide leader.

At SDCC 2016, Tyler Posey sat down to chat about the upcoming final sixth season of Teen Wolf, throwing his hat in the directing and producing ring and what he would like to accomplish down the road.

Last season on Teen Wolf, Scott and his pack went through hell and back. Between battling the Dread Doctors to the revelations of the Beast, Scott had a lot on his plate. When season six picks up, Posey says that the pack is in “really good shape.” He says, “We’ve been through a lot. Sometime has gone by since we pick up in season six. So, they are feeling really good about their victories.” Posey says season six more than ever, the pack is really feeling like a family. He says, “They are feeling really good about the love that they have for one another. They are feeling like a full on pack and just a family. They feel like they’ve got sh*t figured out in Beacon Hills.”

Of course as fans know, nothing is ever calm in Beacon Hills for long. Posey animatedly states, “They’re feeling like humans and then once again everything goes to sh*t. And Beacon Hills explodes. So yeah, in the beginning the pack is good.”

Speaking to last seasons eery Dread Doctors, Posey enjoyed seeing a different kind of villain on Teen Wolf. When discussing the creation of the Dread Doctors he says, “We weren’t going for a gore or ‘boo’ or shock factor with them.” The Dread Doctors were interesting for Posey because they were so complex. He says, “It was more of just an intimidating contrast between how eloquent their words were, but they were so powerful and evil. It was just a cool contrast.”

Tyler Posey in the season 6A trailer of Teen Wolf. Photo Credit: MTV
Tyler Posey in the season 6A trailer of Teen Wolf. Photo Credit: MTV

Now that Scott and his pack have left the Dread Doctors behind, it’s time to look ahead at the Ghost Riders entering season six. Posey spoke about the Ghost Riders in comparison to the Dread Doctors saying, “These guys are definitely scarier, I think visually. They are definitely more intimidating. They’re just more interesting. ” The bonus of adding horses on set was a big one for Posey. He jokes that, “It was also really cool to work with horses on set. There were a lot of times when we almost got trampled. Dying is fun.”

On the other side of Teen Wolf, Posey has taken a bigger role on the creative side of the fence. He discusses working as a producer on the show now and how it stems from his utter love of Teen Wolf. Posey says, “I love the show so much. I have since the very beginning, since I was a kid. And all I’ve ever wanted is to push the show and to help it and to be even more a part of it.” He continues by saying, “The fact that they allowed me to be a producer was incredible. I don’t just want to act on the show. I want to give this show my all. My heart, my soul. Being a producer just felt like the right avenue to take.”

Looking ahead, Posey would like to work on more of his own projects. He says, “I do want to make my own projects in the future and not just act for the rest of my life. I felt like that [producing] would be a pretty good introduction to it all.”

Of course another big milestone for Posey in season six is his directorial debut on the show. He doesn’t know what episode he will be directing yet, but he’s looking forward to the new challenge. Once again speaking about life after Teen Wolf, Posey says “Acting is fun and all, but filmmaking as a whole is what I really want to do.” He continues saying, “I love acting, but I think I would die if I had to do it my entire life. Just act.”

Catch Tyler Posey in the final season of Teen Wolf this fall on MTV.


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