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SDCC 2016: ‘Teen Wolf’ Star Holland Roden Discusses Lydia’s Upcoming Journey in the Final Season

Nora Dominick ’17/ Emertainment Monthly Co-Executive Stage Editor

Going into Teen Wolf ‘s recently announced final sixth season, the character of Lydia (Holland Roden) has grown the most. At a surface level, Lydia was originally presented as a somewhat shallow, popular girl at Beacon Hills. Within episodes, Lydia became one of the breakout characters on Teen Wolf and that is in part due to Roden and her love for bringing this character to life.

At SDCC 2016, Holland Roden chats about Lydia’s journey in the upcoming final season, a future for Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) and Lydia and her work in season five.

Last season, Lydia once again was in a compromising situation when she was confined to the walls of Eichen House. Meanwhile, Scott (Tyler Posey), Stiles and the rest of the gang fought the Dread Doctors on the streets of Beacon Hills.

Going into season six, Roden says Lydia is back to the character fans fells in love with. She says, “Lydia is out of Eichen House. Doesn’t have to quite fight off every single human being that ever lived.” Holland is also very excited to get out of the hospital gowns and back into the classic Lydia wardrobe that she loves. “She’s back in her heels and solving Beacon Hills crimes with her friends.”

Speaking to the Beacon Hills gang, Lydia, Scott and Stiles are all going through their senior years at Beacon Hills High School. Although graduation is impending for the original characters, Roden says it “hasn’t fully been realized in terms of plot line [in 6A].” Graduation will be left up to season 6B.

Another aspect of Lydia’s character Holland is looking forward to exploring is her Banshee powers. In past season, Lydia’s banshee powers have been pushed to the side in order to explore other characters. Holland assures fans that this season they will learn more about Lydia’s powers alongside her. She says, “There is one episode that really focuses on the Irish folk lore as a whole rather than just her family.” Holland says the upcoming episode will give fans some answers. “I think that episode answers a lot of questions of how the inter workings of Banshee to Banshee communicate. It’s fun.”

Holland Roden in the season 6A trailer of Teen Wolf. Photo Credit: MTV
Holland Roden in the season 6A trailer of Teen Wolf. Photo Credit: MTV

Over six seasons of Teen Wolf, Lydia often goes through some of the toughest storylines. From being attacked by the Alpha Werewolf in season one, to constantly showing up at murder scenes in season three, Lydia never seems to have a moment of peace. Holland Roden spoke about Lydia’s time spent in Eichen House in season five. She says even though her scenes were more physical, season 5 felt like a break for her. Roden says that season five allowed her to feel more part of the set than ever before. She says, “I have never gotten to participate on sets on a normal basis so for me that was actually a break.”

So, can fans expect a break for Lydia coming into season 6A? Holland Roden says, “Now it’s back to good old solo scenes of Lydia. Walking around, trying to figure stuff out and having freak outs.” Speaking to season 6 being more physically challenging, Roden continues by saying, “I came home exhausted a lot of nights. The actor may not have gotten a break, but Lydia gets a physical break. There’s not as much fighting this season for Lydia.”

Of course, the question on a lot of fans minds going into season 6A is are Stiles and Lydia (“Stydia”) finally going to get together? Roden speaks to the fan-favorite ship by saying, “Scott goes into this season single. Jeff says that’s because the major, central relationship of the season is focused elsewhere and that is with Lydia…” She pauses, “and a particular other person. So, I will let y’all finish that sentence.”

Catch Holland Roden in the final season of Teen Wolf this fall on MTV.


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