Review: "Ryan Landry's 'M'"

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  1. Ryan Landry says:

    Thanks for this, Christopher! I love what you wrote and it shows that you really GOT it! Thanks so much.

  2. Ryan Landry says:

    PS. I would LOVE to post this on my facebook page but I’m so computer stupid. Can you help?

    1. Hello Ryan!
      Thank you for feedback! To put it on your Facebook page you can just copy the link in the URL at the top of the screen and paste it into a Facebook status, it will take viewers straight to this page. Thank you again.

  3. Carolyn says:

    Really looking forward to seeing this!

    And as an Emerson alum, I’m sadly not at all surprised that the reviewer hasn’t seen (and admits as much) one of film’s seminal works. This is, after all, the school at which theater students complained that having Peter Bogdanovich as graduation speaker was unfair because they’d never heard of him. Oh, alma mater!

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