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Review: ‘Just the Tips’

Will Rosenthal ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Just the Tips is a guide to sex by the most sexual creators in comics, Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky, sex gods if you will. Proven themselves adept with the Tips section in their series Sex Criminals, Just the Tips is a bible of important and valuable knowledge for the erotic inclined. From positions to tips to pick-up lines to erotica, this little pink book deemed too sexy to be published should be on the wish lists of anyone interested in Fraction and Zdarsky’s dildo-slapping, Queen musical number belting, and brimping Sex Criminals.

As mentioned, the book is actually a miniature guide as opposed to an additional story for the series of which it’s based. Readers, prepare to cackle grossly (or silently giggle in public like I did) at one of the most unabashedly funny and genuine looks at intimacy. This refreshingly unrestrained look at sex is highly welcomed when it’s still so demonizing to talk about openly.

For this reason, Fraction and Zdarsky’s brilliance shines. They have a rich understanding of the uncomfortable enigma attached to sex and have so much fun with it that every page perpetuates that to the nth degree, which I won’t spoil in this review. If that doesn’t satisfy, then perhaps the included introduction from “President Obama” might interest you?

Just the Tips doesn’t just enhance its parent series, but stands on its own as a small, hysterical guide. Those who’ve read Sex Criminals and didn’t jive with the humor there aren’t going to find a new angle that will change their mind on it. This is meant for those who are either fans of the series or have a relaxed sensibility to sex and looking for a laugh.


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