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Review: ‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 63

Daniella Klayman ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer


Oh, thank God for more backstory.  And by thank God, I mean really?  Really?  I mean, I guess that its nice to get back to Historia and Eren (you know, the main character of the series?) Of course, I know that a chapter that actually involved fighting Titans is too much to ask for, but a chapter that at least moved the plot forward slightly might have been nice.

All the new information is Rod Riess’ version of what happened to his family (which may or may not all be a lie), more insight on Eren’s Titan (but not enough information to actually understand it), and the fact that Mikasa’s awesomeness may be hereditary. If someone doesn’t kill a giant man­eating monster soon I’m going to lose my mind.  While with almost any other series, I  love backstory (the more tragic the better), this is just being used to drag out the series, and it shows.

I actually think that this chapter could have worked well if it was part of chapter 62.  As one big chapter, it may have been interesting enough for us to forget that we actually don’t care.  Even if the series was released weekly instead of monthly might have made it okay.

But the fact that we waited a whole entire month and this is what we got makes me wonder why I actually bother to wait every month for the new chapter,  and why I then bother to read every analysis and theory that comes with it.  And then I remember that I still don’t know what it in Eren’s basement and the cycle continues.

Finally, I feel obligated to mention Eren being tied up shirtless in a cave.  I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be disturbed or what, but I can appreciate his abs.  And speaking of disturbed, I also feel obligated to mention a certain panel showing a torture method involving a naked man and funnels in places that they really, really should not be.

Overall Rating: 5/10


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