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Recap/Review: “Jonesy” Vol. 1

Annie Hinh ’20 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Writer Sam Humphries and artist Caitlin Rose Boyle’s Jonesy is fun wrapped in a technicolored package, and topped with a ‘cool-art-style’ bow on top. When Nerdist called it the “spiritual successor to Scott Pilgrim,” they weren’t kidding. Told by a snarky, loud-mouthed protagonist whose hair and eyebrows are as big as her personality, Jonesy is all about how Jonesy uses her super rad powers to get out of a pickle by making people fall in love (although what people fall in love with can be anything from people to normally disgusting popsicles to a cause). She has to balance hanging with her friends, working in her Dad’s donut shop, taking care of her beloved ferret, fangirling about her super secret crush, watching her anime, AND having super love powers.

But, there is trouble on the horizon as Jonesy uses more and more of her powers. Are the relationships with her friends and family in jeopardy? Will she be caught by the vice principal who is getting hot on her trails? Will her secret get out? Find out in Jonesy: Vol 1!

Image Credit: BOOM! Studios
Image Credit: BOOM! Studios

If there’s one thing that stands out in this comic—besides the adorable art style— it’s the character Jonesy herself. With her unique voice and interesting way of storytelling, one is reminded of the ‘too cool for school’ attitude many of us had during middle school to early high school. In fact, the entire thing is very reminiscent of those ‘Dark Years’. For better or worse, a tween feeling stays with us for the entire volume, sometimes making us cringe from the things being said and sometimes making us laugh out loud with just how relatable the things Jonesy does are. You’re sure to laugh as Jonesy’s antics become more and more ridiculous.

All in all, Jonesy: Vol 1 has a relatively simple storyline that nevertheless, makes you want to keep reading so you can find out what kind of trouble Jonesy and her magic love powers get into next. I’d recommend it for fans of things like Scott Pilgrim, Adventure Time, and Lumberjanes. Pick up Jonesy: Vol 1 now at your local comic book store and bookstore.

Overall Grade: B


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