Real Bands and Fake Bands Meet Again on the Newest Faux Real Compilation Record

Mary Kate McGrath ’17 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Faux Real II Cover Art. Photo Credit: Father/Daughter Records.
Faux Real II Cover Art. Photo Credit: Father/Daughter Records.

Admit it – some of those fake bands in movies rock. Think about the rooftop concert scene in Empire Records, the one with Gina growl-singing “Sugarhigh.” Or maybe the arena scene in Almost Famous,”with Jason Lee as the uncanny 1970s front man and Billy Crudup playing those incendiary guitar solos as Stillwater. It is almost a bummer these bands never actually existed outside of a Hollywood set.

Turns out some very real bands agree. The Faux Real compilation from Father/Daughter Records is a clever project that recruits actual bands to cover their favorite movie phonies. Father/Daughter did an exceptional job picking the artists for the compilation, choosing bands that have their own distinct sounds and vibes. This makes it especially fun to hear each band play musical dress up as they break out from their usual personalities. Highlights from the first compilation included bands like Potty Mouth as Pink Slip from Freaky Friday and Sadie Dupuis as Josie & the Pussycats.

It is especially interesting to see which movie song the bands pick, as the films and songs are always strangely fitting for each group. On the latest compilation, the covers are more than just movie bands, opening the compilation to all kinds of musical movie moments. The punks in LVL UP do right by Adam Sandler with their rendition of “Somebody Kill Me” from The Wedding Singer. Their grungy, full-band interpretation of the song’s over-the-top melancholy is spot on. The harmonies they add in and their full-throttle take on the screaming choruses make it especially catchy. From their perspective, it borders on sounding like an angsty punk song that would be written in earnest.

The unintentional Adam Sandler tribute continues on as Boston locals Krill give their version of “Victory Song” from Billy Madison. Turns out Adam Sandler had a surprisingly extensive and successful music career throughout his movies. Krill gives “Billy Madison Victory Song” the jangly punk treatment no one realized it needed. The campy, silly song suits the bizarrely appealing sound that belongs to Krill, causing a mismatch made in heaven. Here’s to hoping they bust this cover out at Boston Calling this spring.

Don’t be misled —Faux Real II features more than just Adam Sandler movies. Other tracks will feature songs from Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, All You Need is Cash, Almost Famous and more. The compilation includes a bunch of great punk artists as well as Allison Crutchfield, Chumped and Sharpless doing their best movie song covers. The release is meant to promote Record Store Day on April 18, so those interested can support indie labels by picking up a copy on vinyl at participating record stores.


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