Pickathon Music Festival Makes Performance Videos Available Online

Anna Marketti ’17 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

 John Keel / Billboard
John Keel / Billboard

In the midst of all the festival lineups being released, you may find yourself sitting sadly in your torn Slayer T shirt mourning the distance, the cost, or whatever other factor that may be preventing you from attending each and every one of them, as you watch your favorite artists get announced one by one.

Pickathon Music Festival, taking place in aptly named Happy Valley, OR hosts an eclectic lineup that appeals to the indie folk and indie pop fans, and everyone in between. Boasting the names Angel Olsen, Mac Demarco, and Foxygen last year, it’s a relatively underground festival with high-draw acts. Another reason to wipe your tears on your sleeve. But before you do, tilt your laptop screen back just another inch- you can now watch high quality videos of these artists’ performances!

Recently announced on the festival’s website blog, Pickathon will be releasing videos of performers from last year starting now through July, one a day, up until the first day of the 2015 festival. The videos are brought thanks to outside sponsorship.

So the starry-eyed music fan who can’t make it to the evergreen state can now enjoy the serene, ethereal experience of hearing Angel Olsen live and bathed in slivers of sunlight cutting through the trees on Pendarvis Farm, perched on a stage constructed from branches. Yeah, it’s that indie.


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