A Look At How ‘Outlander’ Became The Breakout Drama You Need to Be Watching

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  1. lathomley says:

    Beautifully stated. Thank you so much for this excellent article on an outstanding show and story.

    1. noradominick says:

      Thanks so much!!! Really appreciate you reading it & sharing!

  2. I’d argue that it doesn’t “redefine the romance genre” by having all those other things, I’d say it pretty clearly *isn’t* a romance genre series! It’s time travel science fiction who’s characters also have rich intimate lives. Just because there is “sex, romance and lust.” in a book *doesn’t* pigeonhole it into the romance genre of publishing. If that was true, then GRRM’s Song of Ice and Fire series should be shelved in ‘romance’, and not ‘fantasy’, just because it has dragons and magic.

    The fact that it keeps being marketed and reported as ‘romance novels’ is part of *why* people are so surprised by the depth of character and story- the romance publishing genre popularly implies bodice ripping, cheesy dialogue and weak plot at as a vehicle for sex scenes.

    1. Thank you, Eleri! There are two separate issues here–the popular (and often incorrect) perception of romance novels, and…whether I write them. I don’t. I do _read_ romance novels, and could tell you at no doubt tedious length what one is, in terms of structure, expectations and constraints–none of which I use, with the exception that OUTLANDER is indeed a courtship story. (All romance novels–in the modern sense of the word–are courtship stories; they don’t have sequels, because the story is over when the couple unites. This is sort of not what I do .)

      Still, I’m very flattered by Nora’s wonderful descriptions of book and show–thank you very much, Nora!

  3. LJPierce says:

    Excellent review. Caitriona Balfe has been mesmerizingly watchable as Claire; but “Outlander” would not work at all without Sam Hueghan’s strong, nuanced, and emotional performance as Jamie. He is the heart of the show, and I think has been under-rated. Thank you for making that point.

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