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NYCC 2015: Teen Wolf's Tyler Posey “By the Time Teen Wolf Ends, I Want to Be Running the Show”

Michael Moccio ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Editor-in-Chief

For those of you who haven’t been in the loop, Tyler Posey kicked off Teen Wolf Season 5 in his new role as Co-Producer. “This producing thing is igniting a huge part of what’s next in my career,” Posey said with his one-of-a-kind style of energy. “I want to do anything and everything—I’m really ambitious. I think I have a good eye and I pay attention to a lot on set. I think becoming a producer was necessary, because I’ve saved a lot of shot by having a say behind the camera and helping out. I know that I am good at that now, so now I’m going to run with that. I have projects in mind. By the time Teen Wolf ends, I want to be running the show. I think I could do it! Jeff and I have like-minded senses when it comes to this show. I want to take over the world in the best way possible.”

Before that happens, he and the rest of the cast and crew will have to get through Season 5B. “I’m always excited about something new,” Posey said, when asked what he was excited for the following season. “I get that question every single season. What’s really cool about this season is we have to start rekindling relationships and friendships. The point of this season is getting the pack back together. This time it’s different because Scott is stepping up to be a leader again. All the stuff that happened can be fixed and he’s getting his confidence back. One of my favorite parts about Scott is changing the role and getting deep into it. Also, the last couple seasons have been extremely dark and little depressing. We’re bringing comedy back. It’s still Teen Wolf, horror, and drama.”

As for what’s new? “We have a new villain—it’s called the Beast,” Posey said with a grin. He added, “It’s scary.”

It’s inevitable that Scott’s and Theo’s packs will clash during the season, and Posey hinted at how Scott will react when he first finds out this new development. “Very surprised! Very concerned,” Posey said. “There’s a disturbing quality to it. Scott has to keep Theo in the back of his mind, though. His pack is his first priority. It’s going to be weird.” Since Scott couldn’t save Hayden himself, we asked Posey if that would play into Scott’s actions at all when he sees Theo was able to revive her. “Scott’s going to be self-conscious about Hayden’s presence. He knows the situation [leading up to Hayden’s death] was weird and he was in a bad place.”

In his new producing role, we were curious as to how he would envision the final battle between the packs. “That would be really fun!” Posey said, almost leaping out his chair. “I think the packs would be mirror images of each other. We’d each have our own people to take down. So, me and Theo staring each other down. My pack and his pack rush at each other, but me and Theo have locked eyes.”

“But we’d win and no one dies,” said Posey with Alpha-like confidence. “No more deaths! Scott can’t kill anyone—he’s the hero.”


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