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NYCC 2014: ‘Big Hero Six’ and ‘Tomorrowland’ Panel Coverage

Dahianaris Diaz ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Disney’s Big Hero Six and Tomorrowland panel was definitely one filled with surprises and treats for the audience.

The panel started off with a storm of Big Hero Six information. We were treated to gorgeous concept art of the city of San Fransokyo and Hiro Hamada while they explained the set up for the first clip. We learn that Hiro Hamada, while a genius, likes to participate in back alley illegal robot fights, so his older brother Tadashi attempts to introduce him to the lab he works in with his friends as a way to get Hiro interested in going to school. The clip introduced the main cast quickly and efficiently; Gogo Tomago‘s no nonsense personality, Honey Lemon’s wacky yet brilliant energy, Wasabi’s precise and meticulous planning, and Fred’s laid back and slacker attitude. It ended with Tadashi presenting Baymax to Hiro for the first time.

The second clip was mostly made up of things we had seen in previous teaser trailers, but it was an adorable and hilarious sequence of Hiro trying to get an uncharged Baymax up the stairs without his aunt noticing what was going on.

The third clip is a sequence showing off how Hiro attempts to turn Baymax into a fighting machine with his first suit of armor and a short sequence of Baymax learning several karate skills, and how to fist bump.

Finally, the fourth clip was a big chase sequence showing off just how menacing the main villain of the movie can be. He doesn’t speak but the way he rides a wave of nanobots after the main characters is definitely scary. The clip also gave Gogo Tomago a chance to show off how cool under pressure she is as she drives the main characters to safety.

The Big Hero Six section of the panel ended with a new teaser trailer cut to the new Fall Out Boy song Immortals, with a bunch of short new pieces of footage mixed in with old footage from previous teasers.

The big mystery of the night however was definitely Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof‘s Tomorrowland. The entire movie has been shrouded in secrecy and that came through in the way the directors and actors danced around answering questions.

After a bit of joking around however they finally showed the audience the first teaser trailer where the main character, Casey, happens upon a pin that when touched seems to transport her briefly to another world.

In a second clip introduced by surprise guest George Clooney, it shows Casey’s obsession with finding this different world and her attempting to get Clooney’s character, Frank to show her the way. The clip launches into a fight scene between Casey, Frank and what seem to be odd stepford smiling androids that are determined to kill them, showing off the scifi aspects of the film in a spectacular fashion.

While we still don’t know too many concrete details about the plot, the two sneak peaks definitely managed to paint an intriguing picture.


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