March Staff Picks

April may just have begun, but the staff are still enthusing over the music we loved in March. Below, find the tracks each staff member had on repeat for the last four weeks.

“Liability” – Lorde

“Green Light” encapsulates the Lorde we all grew to know and love, but “Liability” is a sign of growth for the kiwi singer. The song is bold in its entrance — it’s silent, save for the soft vocalization of Jack Antonoff counting the song in. But it’s reserved and raw for the remainder: “I understand/I’m a liability/Get you wild, make you leave/I’m a little much for everyone,” she sings. And it runs straight to your core; or at least, if you’re someone who’s been told all their life that they’re intense, they’re bursting, they’re a lot to handle but on the inside are small and hurting. This is one of the rarer moments when we get to hear Lorde’s voice, unmodulated, over a skeleton of instrumentation, and it’s beautiful. “She’s so hard to please, but she’s a forest fire,” she sings. Truer words were never spoken.

– Anna Marketti ’17

“Nancy Mulligan” – Ed Sheeran

One of the bonus tracks off Sheeran’s highly-anticipated album Divide, which came out earlier this month, “Nancy Mulligan” has a distinctly Irish sound and a sweet love story. Narrated from his grandfather’s point of view, it’s a tale told with the simple but powerful lyrics Sheeran is known for.

– Keely Chisholm ’17


“Nightfall Remix (BADBADNOTGOOD X KAYTRANADA – Lavender)” – Snoop Dogg

Last summer, Canadian jazz group BADBADNOTGOOD teamed up again on “Lavender” with producer Kaytranada for a collaboration of dance induced instrumental funk. Earlier this month, Snoop Dogg laid out his remix of the collaboration, featuring fresh as well as politically frustrated verse. More notable, is the accompanying music video, a satirically charged expression regarding the troubled state of race relations in the US, as well as it’s “Clown-in Chief”. Uncle Snoop may be old, but he’s still wise. Everything now is just a bad joke, but this remix sure isn’t.

– Erin Hussey ’19


“Green Light” – Lorde

This is her first single in 3 years, an upbeat “cathartic pop” (Lorde) song with a rapid piano beat and ridiculously catchy lyrics. “Green Light” is her return to the scene, and the first song off of her new album “Melodrama” out June 16!

– Jess Braunstein ’20



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