Lord Huron Breathe New Life Into Indie Folk


Anna Cieslik ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Editor

Los Angeles indie folk band Lord Huron have packed up their sunny California brand of indie music this winter and taken it on tour with them. They’ve been trekking across the country since the tail end of 2013, and now it’s finally time for Boston to enjoy Lord Huron’s enchanting music tonight at the Royale.

Thanks to sweet, singsong vocals from Ben Schneider and simple, cascading instrumentals from the rest of the band, Lord Huron’s music evokes a certain warmth that is undeniably attractive. The wide variety of percussive accompaniments on each song helps the band stand out in the sea of indie folk bands active today. On tracks like “The Stranger,” tinkering percussion parts weave in and out of hazy melodies and bouncing harmonies, providing an added sense of depth.

Other tracks, like “Brother,” are driven by surging guitar parts that wash over your ears like sonic waves. But regardless of what instrument is powering the specific track, Lord Huron knows exactly how to organize the auditory layers on their songs so that each part works perfectly with the others. This expert understanding results in perfectly balanced songs that have a distinct underlying sound without running together into a blob of indistinguishable and bland indie folk.

If you weren’t able to snag tickets to Lord Huron’s show tonight before they sold out, you can still check them out online and download their album Lonesome Dreams.


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