Lily and Madeleine’s Latest Album Keeps it Simple

David Weiner ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Lily & Madeleine’s sophomore album, Fumes, is simply gorgeous. ‘Simply’ being the key word. It’s quite beautiful to hear music that relies on the simplicities on the human voice rather than than the production buttons on a lit up switchboard.

In the rise of electronic dance music, Lily & Madeleine are helping to keep vocal harmonies and acoustic melodies relevant in a millennial generation. I remember hearing the duo on NPR and wondering how on Earth these two young sisters were able to produce the sounds they did on live radio.

Their song, “Can’t Admit It” sounds so natural. It feels almost as if the words they sing are simply original thoughts sung in the moment. If one were to tell me this song were never written down I’d undoubtedly believe it.

Their soft voices appear to fit together effortlessly as they float through each song on the album. Whoever shot their album artwork knew this all too well.

lily and madeline

Released under the supernatural Sufjan Stevens’ record label Asthmatic Kitty, the ethereal sound of Lily & Madeleine’s Fumes makes perfect sense.

The title track opens with the most subtle, yet beautiful vibraphone section that sets the tone for the rest of the album.

This album makes me want to fall in love.

Check out the album on iTunes, and catch Lily and Madeline tonight at Brighton Music Hall.


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