Lily and Madeleine Stun Brighton Music Hall Into Silence

David Weiner ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

The crowd was silent as soon as Lily & Madeleine started to sing. I was nervous to take pictures, thinking that the sound of my shutter would potentially disrupt the peaceful focus on the stage. Every person in the audience drifted along on the glassy harmonic waters not even thinking of dipping in a toe to create a ripple.

Photo credit: David Weiner / Emertainment Monthly
Photo Credit: David Weiner/Emertainment Monthly

Beginning their tour in Boston to promote their second album, Fumes, sister duo Lily & Madeleine took the stage at Brighton Music Hall with just a guitar, piano, cello and their voices. Between songs the audience was able to experience their humble and inviting personalities.

“I guess while she tunes I’ll talk a bit,” Madeleine said with a smile as she shifted her feet.

The two started singing together in high school and within a couple years they’ve been signed to a record label, released two albums, and have worked with John Mellencamp.

Their sound is so simple, but unique in its effortlessness. The two made themselves at home on the stage, performing without shoes.

Photo Credit: David Weiner/Emertainment Monthly.

Closing the show with a song off their new album titled “Blue Blades,” the girls quickly made their way to the meet and greet table to talk to fans. At one point they left their crowded corner to talk to an elderly couple who spent the show at the side of the stage completely enamored.

Photo Credit: David Weiner/Emertainment Monthly.

You can download Lily & Madeleine’s sophomore album now on their bandcamp page and see them next in DC.

Photo Credit: David Weiner/Emertainment Monthly.

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