Lake Street Dive Had Boston Singing Along At The Royale

David Weiner ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

David Weiner/Emertainment Monthly.
David Weiner/Emertainment Monthly.

Lake Street Dive put on a stellar performance at the Royale last Sunday. Lead vocalist Rachael Price grabbed every note she went for with the utmost ease, style and grace. Along with powerhouse drummer Mike Calabrese, rock-steady bassist, Bridget Kearney and the smooth trumpet/guitar stylings of Mike Olson, the group put on a show that left the audience wanting more.

The indie-pop, jazz-soul sound of Lake Street Dive combined with the Royale’s dimly lit throwback feel made for an intimate yet exciting performance.

“You Go Down Smooth,” one of the group’s most popular songs off of their newest album, captured the audience’s attention early on in the set.

Each member of the group showed the love of their music on their faces. The members of the audience were far too focused on singing along with Rachael Price’s passionate vocals to stand around snapping Instagram pics or selfies.

Lake Street Drive’s current tour centers around their newly released album, Bad Self Portraits, which features an array of tracks that beckon listeners to get up and dance. Now having performed sets for Ellen, David Letterman and Steven Colbert following the hype of their earlier, band-titled album Lake Street Dive, the group is well on its way to stardom.

The band closed the show with their popular rendition of Hall and Oates’ “Rich Girl.” Dancing on the stage during the chorus, the group fed off of the crowd that sang nearly the whole song with them.

According to Rolling Stone, Lake Street Dive is the best new band of the year.

The band will be off to Ireland in May to promote their music overseas and bring their fresh, outdoor feel to the masses.

Photos From The Concert:


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