‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ Trailer Analysis

Madison Gallup ’17/ Emertainment Monthly  TV Section Editor

*Spoilers for Kingsman: The Secret Service*

Make sure to take a deep breath, it is quite possible you have not had a single gulp of air since clicking the play button on the official trailer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Fans of the first film have been grasping at every small reveal for the sequel (coming to theaters on September 27th). A small teaser trailer made up of quickly moving images was analyzed within an inch of its life; every frame frozen and discussed at length. Fortunately, at 11:30pm on April 24th, a beautiful trailer dropped which will inevitably be replayed an absurd amount of times.

Recently, it seems as though every film advertisement gives away a huge amount about the final story. Kingsman relishes in keeping viewers on their toes. This trailer gives away just enough information to keep us excited and speculating, yet never truly knowing what is in store. The teaser trailer begins with Harry Hart’s (Colin Firth) voice reminding Eggsy (Taron Egerton) of the talent he saw in him as we see a clip from Kingsman: The Secret Service of the two characters headed in for Eggsy’s first suit fitting. The voiceover continues as Harry reminds Eggsy that a Kingsman must “sacrifice for the greater good” and says that he hopes Eggsy is “ready for what comes next.” Harry’s words are made all the more poignant because of his ultimate sacrifice- his own life- at the end of the first film. As Harry speaks, we see Eggsy and Roxy (Sophie Cookson) adapting to their new roles in the organization (looking incredibly snazzy in some finely tailored suits). There is also a flash of Merlin (Mark Strong) flipping open a billiards table to reveal a fantastic display of weaponry- an official invitation back into the whimsical and wonderful world of Kingsman.

Channing Tatum in Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

Of course, not everything can be beautiful suits, underwater vehicles, and deceptive billiards tables. As suave as the spy world is, there is danger constantly lurking. Getting straight to the point, a missile blows up the Kingsman base within the first 30 seconds of this teaser trailer. All bets are off. “My Way” by Frank Sinatra fades in to brilliantly score the remaining minute of this teaser. In the pouring rain, Eggsy stands solemly (but beautifully) in an orange suit holding an umbrella and staring at all the debris. Merlin joins him; they are united in their dapperness and misery. From this point forward, we are treated to glimpses into what the American branch of Kingsman is like and what possible evil Poppy (Julianne Moore) has planned. Visual highlights include Eggsy suspended in a flying jump over a car, Agent Tequila (Channing Tatum) showing off his spectacular flask belt buckle and gun wielding skill, Agent Whiskey (Pedro Pascal) revealing his weapon of choice, a whip, and Harry Hart (or perhaps a strange reincarnated or robotic version of him?) shaving off his beard and sporting a new eyepatch. Okay, maybe that’s most of the trailer summed up. The truth is, every frame of this trailer can be considered a highlight, so it is probably best to go watch it a few times and see for yourself.

Matthew Vaughn is a director who consistently delivers, and this Kingsman: The Golden Circle trailer should give fans every confidence that this series is in good hands. There is still so much to be revealed; hopefully, though, the movie will be the only source for ultimate answers. Until then, it’s time to keep watching this trailer and finding a new frame to admire each day.

Watch the official trailer below:


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