Introducing: LANDS

Aiden Teplitzky Dobens ‘17 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

LANDS is a modern soul/funk band which consists of 9 Berklee College students. Their debut EP, One Day, Maybe will be released online on April 5th.

Since their inception, LANDS promised to be atypical. All members of the band are freshman students at Berklee College of Music who only started playing together a few months ago. What unifies them is their common belief that music should transcend genre, nationality, or race. Their music has been self described as “Neo Soul/Modern Fusion-Funk” and even such a title doesn’t do them justice.

It all starts with the infectious bass lines played by the talented Jake Ferrini. From there, the jazz inspired percussion slides in and the stage is set. LANDS manages to weave through trumpets, keyboards, saxophones, and guitar with a surprising level of ease. Often the music is thrown from instrument to instrument seamlessly allowing the musicians to flaunt their musical prowess, all the while underscored by that same recognizable riff.

But LANDS isn’t merely a group of virtuosos doing whatever they like; it’s their ability as a collective which defines their music. Although their genre may be hard to define, what can be said is that LANDS make you want to dance. You can feel their music flow through you and evoke some primal emotion that is impossible to define. All you can do is groove along with them and enjoy yourself. One of the songs on their upcoming EP is even called” “Shake Your S**t”.”

LANDS is obviously talented, unique, and a joy to jam to.

Their EP can be heard online via their website (April 5th) or by getting a free copy at their EP release party at the Midway Cafe on April 5th.



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